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    Mountain Bike Specific Challeneges and Trophies

    There's lots of monthly challenges for cycling elevation and distance, but they're all crazy numbers that you'll never get on a mountain bike. It would be nice if there were some MTB friendly chall...

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  • Пользователь John 🚵🏻 Masone создал публикацию

    Gear and Equipment Timelines

    If you log every ride with Strava, then your strava history is a very detailed mileage log the history of your bike. It would be really cool if you could access that log via a timeline and add your...

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  • Пользователь John 🚵🏻 Masone создал публикацию

    Mountain Bike Friendly Challenges

    It's cool that you have cycling challenges, but they're all road-bike centric challenges. Hows about some MTB friendly challenges? You're not going to do 62 miles on a mountain bike ride, but 25-30...

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    Add me to the list. If you're going to give out "trophies" for top 10, you really should be able to see these trophies somewhere, somehow, other than mentally remembering the names and locations of...