2016 Heatmap comparison

Any plans to update the heat map to include 2016 data to compare with 2015 and 2014? My city has added a number of new bike lanes and I would like to use this to show the impact of improved infrastructure.



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  • The heat maps are what caused me to start paying for Strava premium years back.  It was such a great feature for the cycling community that I had to support strava just for making it to begin with.  Two years later I'm now re-thinking my subscription, not for any other reason but the global heat map is no longer a living thing.  If this doesn't return this summer or early fall I don't intend to remain a premium member. I will also consider taking my thousands of miles of data each year to a company that provides me with more value for my money and data, and just stop using Strava all together. I suggest others in this thread do the same. 

  • @Andy: Strava is much, much more than just heatmaps and leaving Strava for just not having updated heatmaps is rather strong. But maybe you have found another service that does what Strava does AND offers up-to-date heatmaps AND allows for easy migration of your valuable data. I would appreciate it if you point us to this service, so we can check it out. In the meantime, you should use this forum to try to improve an already excellent tool in a positive way. 

  • @Chiel - My data is shared between Strava and a couple other apps already as well as stored locally. I'll just stop sharing and delete it from Strava if I have to - no need to migrate anything.  

    I can use Garmin Connect for the features i use Strava for, and do so for free.  The only reason I became a paying customer was for the heatmaps and what they could be used for.  That's it. It's great users find Strava valuable for other things, but I was under the impression this discussion was about bringing a previously useful feature back and not for talking about the other features of Strava.  

  • @Chiel, I agree with Andy. Heat maps and the benefit they provide urban planners is the sole reason I pay for premium. My main cycling analytics come from Golden Cheetah.

  • Plz bandwidth not an issue, my uncle is Bill Gaytes

  • @Andy, @Luther: I did not realise you were paying for only the heatmaps. If that's the case, yes, I can understand you would consider leaving Strava. 

    For me, Strava is the main tool for keeping track of everything. It is not perfect, but for me it's close. However I am also a paying customer of  Veloviewer, which offers a more comprehensive set of data analysis tools and some interesting metrics. It does offer a personal heatmap of sorts....


  • Shame on you guys for not releasing this data.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you're making a killing as it is. 

  • come on y'all, it's just cruel to give us an awesome and useful feature like the global heatmap, and then not keep it up to date. it's not like you're reinventing the wheel. this has been done before. the code should already exist right? so how could it possibly take 8 months to gather the data and dump it into the program? your blog says you got interns, can't you have them doing this kind of (very valuable to your customers) stuff?

  • besides, it says right on your downgrade account page that being a premium member not only gives you additional features over a free account, but "helps fund the entire Strava platform". 

    so, I've had a premium account for over 2 years now, and the most valuable thing Strava has to offer isn't any of the "features", but the global heatmap. so convince me why I should stay a premium member to "fund the entire Strava platform" when the one thing that's most useful to me isn't being maintained or updated???

  • It's a shame that it's almost September but still the heatmaps are not updated.

  • Let me add my request for 2016 update. We have quite an increase in popularity of running and cycling in the last two years and also infrastructure has been significantly expanded and upgraded (bike paths, connectors). I also use Global Heatmap when travelling to new location to identify good running spots. Please, please devote some resources to this valuable tool! 

  • Adding my vote to update the heatmap. Save the resources for 2016 at this point, use them to put up the 2017 data in a few months!

  • please add 2016 heatmap data! I've run into so many newly fenced off areas and been forced to find a new way to get home after a long ride. Thanks!

  • Yes, please update the Strava Heatmap. 2017 is now absolutely most important! Regards, Norwegian road autorities.

  • I don't even need a comparison if thats giving you trouble. Please 2016 heat map! A lot of City's are changing cycling infrastructure rapidly. This tool needs to stay up-to-date. I will echo what has been said above, which is I subscribe to Strava under the assumption that I am contributing to a useful tool ... the global heatmap.

  • Another request for the 2016 heatmap data.

  • Voting for 2016 heatmap update. Don't bother with comparison feature, just give us 2016 map

  • Jeeze. Update the heatmap already. Other than segment explore, by far the most useful feature when planning rides in a unfamiliar area.

  • Please update the heat map!

  • As a trail steward and MTB trail advocate, the heatmaps have been an indispensable tool in discussions with the local city and county representatives.  

  • Another request for 2016 heatmaps. Helps me avoid bad roads that I might otherwise ride on.

  • Yes please. More Global Heatmap data. I am unfamiliar with the roads in my area and the Global Heatmap helps me find the best and safer roads for cyclists. 2016 data would be great and while you are at it, add in everything from 2017 too


    The year over year comparison tool is useless to me.

  • The Global Heatmap is the single biggest advertising tool for Strava. I have sent that link to countless people, more than a few of whom have become subscribers like myself. But that dataset is old and getting older.

    Strava, please update the Global Heatmap. Better yet, set it up so that it updates every month to show a rolling annual tally. Please get this done - it's one of of the best things about Strava, don't let it wither away!

  • Update the heatmap please please please, pretty please!

  • Just another request for an updated heat map.

  • Just cancelled my annual subscription

  • An updated Global Heatmap is coming soon. 

  • I was just going to write I suggest to forget about 2016 and go for 2017 so we have 2017 data before November 2018.

  • This is great news. thanks!

  • I see no reason not to fill in the heatmap automatically. Why specifically delay the display of this information and wait for choral requests about this obvious functionality each time?