Featured Running Races, keep it current or ditch it

I like the social aspects of the Featured Running Races page:  https://www.strava.com/featured-running-races

It's a great way to connect with other Strava athletes who are entering runs, or learn about other runs that may be going on somewhere you might travel to.

My gripe is that it appears to be closed to input on adding upcoming events.  In Dallas, we have about three or four major races each year, and none of them have been in the list, despite me personally asking to have them added via the Google Forms link at least five times.  (yet somehow there's a piddly little 10K in Austin listed?).

Either make it easy for big regional races to be added, or get rid of this page.  It's annoying to see a list of runs that apparently are more important than the ones that some athletes want added.



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    Hi all, I've updated this related discussion. Please check it out. 

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  • I live in France and I suggested a few local races, none of them were added to the calendar. I think Strava mainly (only?) features hyped and/or mainstream races, rather than major races. Even though a mainstream race can be a major one, the reverse is not necessarily true. So a historical race and a major landmark of French road running like the Marvejols-Mende half mararthon is missing from Strava featured races whereas a recent marketing creation like the 10 km L’Équipe is featured.

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  • I have tried adding Melbourne Marathon twice using the google form but no response from Strava. It's a big event with over 6000 finishers in the marathon (not to mention the half and 10k distances which also attract big numbers). Even if it was a smaller race.. why is it so hard to get races added?

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