Default activity name i.e. "Morning Run" or "Morning Ride", is just, BORING.

I have read, commented, and lamented the other discussions regarding this topic that have unfortunately not garnered enough support for Strava to initiate a change. It compelled me to elaborate on the idea a bit more and I thought perhaps another thread that describes how unfortunate this change is might sway the decision back the other way. 

Depending on how long you have been a user, you may remember a time when the default activity name given to your run/ride/swim gave the date and location of the activity. Very useful information for a user who does not make a change to the activity title. Since August of 2015, in a post by Elle Anderson, Strava made the change from date and location, to "Morning", "Lunch", "Afternoon", and "Evening" activity titles, "in an effort to build consistency between the Strava website and mobile app." Which, I guess I really don't understand. What I do understand is how incredibly bland and useless this information is. If a user decided never to change an activity title, the myriad of "Morning Runs" in their account would be just as drab and uninteresting as the title suggests. Let alone useless for sorting or searching.

My only thought behind this is by making a title so dull, that it forces the user to interact and change it. Maybe that is the motivation? Perhaps I'm onto something there, I don't know. Please help me and the many other users who prefer the default activity name to be "date and location" by voting this thread up to the top. Until then, enjoy your "Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, and Evening" activities. ;)