Add "Virtual" filter for "Biggest Climb" and other stats

Strava should support a "Virtual" flag/filter for the basic stats that show in "My Stats", including "Biggest Climb", similar to the one that already exists for the Year Progressions; or at least for the "All-Time" stats.

I've had my issues with the Biggest Climb stat on Strava in the past, but to be fair, most of them turned out to be my fault for not fully understanding the criteria. Recently I had Tech Support force a refresh on that stat, since it was stuck at 27 feet for 4 years even though I've done hundreds of bigger climbs. Unfortunately, it's now showing a 1,715 ft. climb from a Zwift virtual ride. I would very much like to know what my actual, non-virtual Biggest Climb is.

There is a workaround; you can permanently make all your virtual rides Private, but there are some problems with that: first, I have hundreds of Virtual Rides and it would take a very long time to mark them all Private. Second, I believe it would affect all the other stats as well, and I don't always want that. Finally, there are other drawbacks to making rides private: you can't link to them from blogs, Facebook, etc., and other Strava users can't see those rides.



  • Mine is also showing my biggest climb as 1715ft...mount wift!!


    Pushing resistance against a flywheel is certainly not climbing so why should it count as such?! I think it would be pretty simple of Strava to separate Virtual/Real miles but they dont!!

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