Group Movement Tracker (Beacon)

Sometimes people get separated on group rides. Maybe one person is racing over some rolling hills, or another person is taking it easy on a big descent. Sometimes these gaps get very large, and we start to worry about the safety of other group members.

My ideal solution to this would be in-app tracking of group rides.

1. Anybody can start a Live Ride.

2. If any of your friends are participating in a Live Ride, you can join in.

3. In the Live Ride screen, you can see a) where people are b) how fast they're going or c) how long since they last moved.


This could also be useful for people who are planning to meet up a specific point, so that the first people there can judge when the rest will arrive, without needing people to stop and send text messages along the way (or worse, text while riding).



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    Sounds like this post is requesting a more group-focused Beacon feature. Great feedback for us. 

    If it helps, a Strava Beacon generates a secret URL that can open on any webpage, desktop or mobile, and the secret URL can be shared with as many people as you wish (if you would like multiple people tracking your location). The only thing Beacon doesn't do (yet) is track multiple people from one link.

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  • I'm getting ready for a hike on the App Trail and have some family coming from the opposite direction to meet us, would Beacon work to locate and track out positions while on the trail?

    Thanks, Chris

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  • I guess a strava-version of grouptrack would do this. Grouptrack from garmin seem's cool, but people with phones or other devices can't use it. Strava imo has the perfect position to offer an opened up version for this.

    To make it viable for Strava, maybe only allow premium users to see the live data on their phone (or device) and non-premium users can only upload their position (but not see others live).

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  • Elle, that is correct -- I would like a more group-focused Beacon feature.

    In addition to the "waiting for friends" scenario I described above, there is another use case that would be equally valuable.

    I would like Strava to send me a notification on my phone if one (or more) members of my party have fallen behind the pack and are no longer with the group. It would be great to have this as both a visual notification (for people who mount their phone on their bicycle) and a vibrate/audible notification for people who carry their phone in a jersey or backpack.

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  • Here is pretty good described how it could work :) This could be based on Club events or when you record an activity based on a route.

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  • It would be great to be able to catchup with people we are following and have beacon enabled. Sometimes I head out on a ride not knowing a friend is only around the next corner only to find out later. The other benefit is in a larger group ride when multiple groups or solos break up. It would be great to know where each group is to regroup.

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