New GPS indicator bar goes green even when it's not ready to record


I'm seriously happy to see the new red/orange/green GPS indicator bars return, and do so in an unintrusive way. Thankyou.

BUT... it's broken.

When I open Strava and hit record, it shows the green bar for about 2 seconds, and then it disappears... so I assume it's working and ready to go. But quite often it's not ready, and won't actually record my ride. Right now, my blue location uncertainty ring is roughly 50m across, because I'm sitting in my office, even though the green GPS SIGNAL ACQUIRED bar showed up and told me everything is peachy. I don't actually have a good GPS signal, and most importantly pressing record doesn't result in any data being recorded. My uncertainty is perhaps reasonably low, but it's not low enough to actually record my ride yet. Perhaps I'm getting fairly good localisation from wifi or phone towers or whatever, but it's not enough for Strava (or my phone) to actually start recording that blue line of where I've been.

It's not that the GPS indicator doesn't work at all—if my uncertainty is very large it'll go orange or red. And the UI makes sense... But it seems to be overly optimistic (i.e. wrong) about when to switch to green.

From playing with it a bit, it looks like you've perhaps just set a threshold on the uncertainty, and if the phone reports a positional uncertainty less than this threshold, you set the status to green. But perhaps this has been done for a particular phone, or a particular environment where that uncertainty happens to be the switching point between GPS working and not... yet despite the green status and ~50m uncertainty ring, when I hit record, the phone won't actually recording a GPS track. If that's the case, why not set the indicator up so that it only shows GREEN when the GPS track data is actually coming through. Whatever the case, I'm regularly seeing it go green even when it will not record any track data.

I'm really keen for the GPS status to work! It's a vital feature for me given the trees around some of the areas I being my rides, but a misleading GPS indicator is worse than not having one!



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