Add support for Garmin developer fields by ConnectIQ apps using FIT2 format


3rd party developers can write apps for garmin devices using ConnectIQ. since version 2, one can write developer fields into the fit file.

developer can specifiy a "nativeNum" parameter, if the field can be treated equivalently to a field that is included in the FIT SDK (For reference see: Messages Sheet in Profile.xlsx included in the FIT SDK available at )

i am writing a pool swimming app for garmin 230 and 235. i am using developer fields for pace, distance, stroke rate, pool length, and so on. and i am setting the nativeNum parameter accordingly.

Strava does not accept the generated fit file. however, does not recognize these fields. therefore only the duration of the activity is shown.

it would be great if you could support these fields. it is pretty straight foward, because you already support FIT. you just need to check for the nativeNum parameter and look for the suitable field in the ANT+ document.