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  • New to Strava. Would like to add my vote to have other activities like cross-country (nordic) skiing, and walking etc. added and displayed in addition to running and cycling.

    Thank you.

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  • Hi - I really like the profile page, but is there a way to extend the history shown? I really like the view, where you can see a small map of all runs in a list format, and would like to be able to scroll through all activity in this way.


    Best regards,


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  • I think Strava has a real identity crisis on its hands in regards to support of activities other than cycling, running. Really, the core problem is that they are built around this idea that only people that are competing at things are really relevant to their mission. I do compete, all the time--I compete against me. But if I want to see a training log about how much I hiked this weekend? Get stuffed, you weren't running, you don't count. 

    I just returned from a trip to Iceland and Russia. We were sight seeing, shopping, hitting tourist attractions. Strava is great for this as you can use the live map to get yourself home when lost, and you can combine all the maps to see the places you went. While on vacation sometimes walking is the best exercise you can get, I had one pack and no access to laundry. You aren't going to go on a 12 mile run in Moscow, and buy some clothes and get sushi in the middle of it. But at the end of the trip, all told I was able to see that I walked 185 miles in a three-week vacation(in a spreadsheet). What does my profile show under the little sneaker? The 7 miles I've run this year. I don't run. I bike and hike. A couple of years ago I hiked across Glacier National Park to Waterton and back in three days. 50+ miles, 6,000+ vertical feet. What did my profile show? zero. Last year I did the Dawson-Pitamakin traverse: one day, 17.5 miles, 3,500 vertical feet. In my log? nothing. 

    So lame. And I don't want to hear that they started with running and have yet to implement this. Running, hiking, and walking should all be tracked as one activity. I promise you I'm not tainting any of precious Strava segments when I go for a walk. But I'm not going to log my walks or hikes as runs, because I have respect for people who run. I'm not trying to get credit for doing something I didn't do, I'm trying to use this tool for training or tracking whatever exercise I am currently getting.

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