Mark Activites as 'Commute' from the Strava app

Most of my training is done with my Garmin device, but when I want to track my commute I usually use my iPhone. A "commute" checkbox in the app would be immensely useful.



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  • I use Android instead of iOS similarly, and would like to see such function on A ndroid too.

  • Actually, I would like a app setting that automatically marks a ride as commute if it's end-capped by my home and work zones.

  • +1

  • I just want the "Commute" and "Stationary Trainer" options available when I'm saving a ride on my iPhone, in addition to the Privacy option.  Would keep me from having to go back and edit EVERY SINGLE commute ride to mark the Commute check box.

  • +1 there should be a commute check box on the 'Save Activity' dialog.

  • I've filed this request as a feature request (#162588). I think it would be even better if I wouldn't have to mark each commute manually. My commute starts and ends at same end points each time, so I would rather be able to mark those endpoints (let's call them "Home" and "Work") in Strava and then let it recognize my commutes automatically. For example, it could offer that "commute" checkbox in Save Activity dialog, but it would be automatically checked if my ride started at Home and ended at Work.

  • Also, +1 for Stationary Trainer checkbox request. Do you have existing ticket number for that?

  • Good afternoon I wanted tranferir all my workouts are not many who are on my facebook for strava today


  • Same as the rest. I use a dedicated GPS on my MTB but when I go work I'd like to be able to indicate its "commute" in the mobile app and I can't.

  • Please! Let's do this. It's been a year since this suggestion came up.

  • Thanks for all the feedback on the commute tag for the Strava mobile app! This is certainly something we aim to do. 

    There is a related forum that some of you may be interested in commenting on: https://strava.zendesk.com/entries/27349234-What-does-the-commute-button-actually-do-

    Right now, the "Commute" tag doesn't have many features associated with it, and we're collecting feedback about the types of things users would like to see with the commute tag. I think once we develop more features to use this tag, it will be imperative to add the tag to the mobile apps. 

  • I would like the Strava app to allow for selecting "Commute" for an activity detail.  I know that this doesn't really do anything now, but it seems like someday it might and I have been doing it all along so I may as well keep it up for when the big something happens based on the commute tag.  I now have an extra step of accessing my activity through the Strava website to add this tag, which takes extra time, data, and screen taps...  The activities I record are most frequently commutes, so this does mean most of the time I'm having to take extra steps to tag it as such.

  • I really like the notification that pops up and says that the activity is ready and goes directly to the activity review when clicked so I can edit the name or select the bike that I was on. If  you added the checkbox then I don't have to go onto the website and edit every single commute to do this.

  • Almost 2 years and still no progress on adding a single button, yet it's something you claim you "aim to do". I get you have other priorities, but I just wish you'd just be a bit more honest with us and tell us the features we're requesting just aren't going to happen. Mark things as "won't fix" and at least we'll have realistic expectations about the feedback we give.

  • I was thinking about building a simple ad-free (donation-driven) web app, authenticated via Strava.com, where I will:

    1. accept your reported home/work location by asking you to select an example

    2. find all of your public and/or private activities where the starting and ending lat/long values are within some margin of error of the selected samples

    3. display the activities that fit the commute criteria but are not marked as commute

    4. offer a "Mark all as Commute" button so you can batch act on these

    5. optionally, in the future, if it's okay with folks, I'd be happy to write an app that'll constantly listen for your uploads and mark rides as commute

    This is all doable, but only worth investing my programming time if Strava never implements this, otherwise I'm going to waste some part of my life to make this happen.

  • Strava reports that they're revamping the activity record functions, and will include an option to keep the screen on while recording.  I sure hope a Commute button is part of those planned improvements.

  • Not at this time @Patrick, but it's an ongoing discussion at Strava about how to incorporate and leverage features for commuting. Thanks for your comments! 

  • Love it. It's an on-going discussion... for how many years now? We couldn't possibly just add a small commute button while we figure out what the hell we're doing, could we...

    Even if you're going to totally abolish the commute tag later on, or change it to something totally orthogonal and amazing, would it be so bad to just put the little button there on the "submit" screen, and see how people use it in the mean-time?

  • Strava is one of the sponsors and main apps for syncing of National Bike Challenge: https://nationalbikechallenge.org/ 

    The ride type (recreation or transportation) is set on Strava and cannot be changed on the NBC site. The absence of Commute tag on Strava app makes it very inconvenient when most of one's rides are transportation. It doesn't help that desktop version of Strava looks too tiny on mobile phones. I have to go to the desktop version after every ride and set the commute tag there (after lots of zooming and moving around, and I have a fairly large phone) so it would sync as Transportation on NBC. 

    The challenge starts officially really soon and enabling setting the Commute tag on the app would be extremely helpful.

  • I was one of many who lobbied the National Bike Challenge to get Strava included as an app that could be synched with the bike challenge. So I am super excited that I can use your awesome product this year for NBC!!  It's important for the NBC to differentiate between commute miles (saving the earth and all) vs. training miles (health and wellness).  Can Strava please please update all smart phone apps to allow users (either at the start or end of their ride) to press a button to indicate the ride is a commute? It's great you can go back and edit your ride on the strava web page- but realistically, most people won't bother taking this time. Adding this functionality to the smart phone apps is essential to get accurate local information on riders who commute ---- I've pitched using strava data to my local govt for bike infrastructure improvements, and the main reason against was that "only recreational riders" use the app.  if you want municipalities to purchase/use your data to inform bike infrastructure development you need the commuters 1) using your app- which I think they do but we just don't know it, and 2) definitive data on "commuter rides".  So why not kill two birds with one stone?

  • I completely agree with Keely. Why this can't be made part of the app is a complete mystery. Why does Strava treat commuters like second-class users?

  • The NBC documentation even says to mark your ride as commute in Strava before uploading; yet it's impossible. What's going on -- some kind of communication failure between NBC and Strava?
  • Like this would be great.

  • Strava really needs to add all the record functionality of the web app to mobile - somehow. (Ie marking commute or stationary training). Right now I have to go in and change all my commutes to commute manually.

  • I would like to add a +1 for this option as well, but i'd like to see it extended to their API so that other apps that synchronize (Cyclometer, Wahoo, ... ) can obey and set this value as well. 

  • Commute is such a half baked feature, a real damp squib. Partially implemented and half-hardheartedly at that. Nothing in the mobile app, a filter in the Training Log, can't set commute from upload.

    I've given up logging my commuting mileage. Please Strava, finish this feature.

    I don't want my followers being bored with my back and forwards, back and forwards every day. They don't want my commutes cluttering their feed either. Commutes, other than your own, should be excluded from the feed by default, but selectable in settings.



  • Please! Please! Please! put a commute check box option when you upload from an Android phone / iPhone.
    Also as discussed please hide activities flagged as commutes from the news feed so followers are not seeing these mundane activities OR at least have an option on all devices to filter the newsfeed activities as to not show commutes if they prefer (this way people can still flag others bad/cheated 'commute' data if they like and also hide the commutes when scrolling regularly).

    We want the km's to go towards our total but we don't want our friends scrolling through boring commuting notices.



  • Please add this feature even if it's temporary. It's roughly an hour of development and testing.

  • Even a toggle in the main settings would do the trick - or a sticky setting that can be changed on the per-ride basis and is remembered. that would rock!