Direct Messages on Strava

I think that Strava needs more social function in its system in order to increase its attractivity and its expansion. 

Some of my suggestions are :


1. A personal message system

2. An event scheduler which permits athletes to plan a group event 


I think both features would help to develop the commuity



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  • Privacy issue for Strava, no messaging, no liability, no law suits and no complaints about harassment.

  • I'm not sure that there would be any more, or any different liability for PM v.s. the current commenting on rides.

  • More difficult to harass by commenting on activities? It's public but that doesn't stop very much of the harassment on FB. Surely there would be block features common to every messaging system? It seems an equal amount of liability. 

  • Is this feature any good    think all your followers have to sign up to it ..... ( puts crash helmet on ) 

  • yeah... PM please

  • Private Messaging will be appreciated

  • Seems like enough votes, but here's one more. 

  • upvoted... PM please!

  • We have a small, informal Strava cycling group. Would be really good to be able to PM each other as a way of connecting with new riders who join the group so we can then add them to our informal ride email group. We don't want to have to setup a facebook page and force all our members to join that just so we can message each other, but it's heading that way because Strava don't seem to be interested... Come on Strava!



  • If you have a public Strava profile and you want to give someone you don't know your contact information (email, phone) for ride coordination later, currently you can't give it to them unless you want to give your email address or phone number to the Internet.

  • Not sure where this messaging question is currently however I have observed 2 things that make me question their capability.  One is the potential exposure to data leaks and liability.  The 2nd is that with the exception of a few Strava employees they just ain't too smart.  Recently I had a discussion regarding a consulting opportunity with Strava and the guy that I spoke to claimed that I had no marketing experience.  LOL.  Fortunately what Strava does it does rather well, I suggest that we leave them to their inadequacies until they f... up good and someone buys them for a song.

  • One of the main uses of Strava is the community and social aspect yet a fundamental means of communication such as private messaging is missing! How Strava has not yet implemented this is an increase shock and disappointment.


    As mentioned by many others, this really should be an essential feature and the comments section on rides isn't suitable for ongoing communication. Its also currently impossible to pass personal contact information without anyone who follows or in groups is able to see. Ironically, if Strava had a private messaging feature you wouldn't have to send this information!

  • agree w Brian ... I moved to a new area and I'm trying to meet runners who run a similar pace and routes, but don't want to give my cell or email to everyone.   PM please ...

  • Would really love PM's!!

  • not added 5 years after requested?

  • It's simple: Strava does not want us to have this feature. I don't know why, but obviously other features are much more important (like a non chronological feed - and it is a mess).

  • Can you suggest something better that integrates with ZWIFT as well?


    Found this one ,but not config so far.

    Will try again. If anyone works it out please update.



  • PM, please!?!

  • Yes, private messaging is a desperately needed feature!

  • C'mon strava, this feature request is open for 6 years, got over 700 upvotes and 200 comments.

    Adding some PM function couldn't be that hard...

  • It's weird that Strava spends a ton on crap-marketing but appears to be totally unresponsive to user requests such as this private messaging feature. Adding that would make users much happier than being able to give kudos with a silly emoji. wtf Strava?

    (it's also strange that spell-check in the Strava comments box doesn't recognize the word Strava - who's in charge of programming there)???

  • Strava does what the founders intended, it keeps it egocentric users happy for now, it avoids controversy and liability by not allowing comments (read potential harassment and constant monitoring).  Don't expect Strava to open itself up to the kind of crap you see on Facebook.  Do expect to see a better platform than FB, Strava and all of the others combine soon.  ZWIFT will survive and outlive them all.

  • Why is Strava taking so long like (a year) to resolve this issue? Till date we are unable to private message even though we are premium members. Quick quick, you guys (strava) need to move uour asses!!!

  • I guess Strava expect us to use wechat where ID is not disclosed 😤😤😤

  • Our club's group events all rely on the Strava. And, the message for group members is really really important!! For an example, we need to send event cancellation message to all members since the weather and safety issues.

  • Messaging would be a fantastic addition

  • someone flagged my activity in 24/10 and i didnt do anything wrong .


  • +1 for PM capability on Strava! This should be a no-brainer for them.

  • "Why is Strava taking so long like (a year) to resolve this issue? Till date we are unable to private message even though we are premium members. Quick quick, you guys (strava) need to move uour asses!!!" 

    It's not like a year - this message thread started in 2013.  5 years.  This is nothing like the only obvious request that they have totally disregarded too - Strava has made it clear time and again that they do not really listen much to what their user base asks for. That's not to say their service sucks, but they are only interested in providing what they choose.  Eventually they will guess the wrong way too long and will get driven out by someone who does listen.