Direct Messages on Strava

I think that Strava needs more social function in its system in order to increase its attractivity and its expansion. 

Some of my suggestions are :


1. A personal message system

2. An event scheduler which permits athletes to plan a group event 


I think both features would help to develop the commuity



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  • Yet another feature request from so many users over such a long period that Strava management continues to ignore. Just like searching for routes, the option to choose a chronological display order, etc., etc., Strava continues to set new standards in ignoring customers.

    I can only draw one of two conclusions: either they are so financially strapped they can't afford customer service staff to read customer requests and developers to implement widely requested features, or they just don't give a stuff. Shame.

    The CEO (Quarles) is ex- Instagram and Facebook. Probably tells us all we need to know.

  • Is it so difficult to make PM or Strava ignores us?

  • PM is absolutely important. Please don't ignore this.

  • Any updates on this feature? Sure would be great to contact some for ride? I have a small group that uses another messenger, but Strava needs to implement this already...

  • Maybe we all need to switch to Bereda Training if Strava can't do this. I'd rather not but really Strava - not having the private message function is a bit absurd.


  • Thank you Todd. As someone directly involved in Bereda's functionality and growth, I was very pleased to see you mention Bereda as a powerful tool for you and your training goals. If you have any questions feel free to reach out. tyler(at)

    Learn more about Bereda's peer-to-peer platform here:

  • How can Strava have ignored this request for 7 years? I've been using Strava for about a year and a half and would like to see private messaging. I have people on my Strava that I can't contact in any other way without asking for emails and phone numbers.

  • This is the primary reason I have used Strava less and less, and it seems many of my strava friends are doing the same. The thing that differentiate Strava from a regular training log is the social aspect, and then they seems to have taken a hard stand against letting users interact directly. Preventing people to interact on a social platform is kind of a strange decision. If I need a training log only, I'll use the one that comes with my sports watch.

    I saw the link about , which seems to be all about communication. I hope it is not only focused on progress and coaching , but also about letting friends communicate and plan rides just for fun. People like me that are over 45 don't necessary strive to improve above a certain level, I just like to stay in shape and have fun.

  • Just adding my support to this. Private messaging / email contact with Strava Club members would be such a good addition. PLEASE STRAVA...make it happen. 

  • I also raise my hand to support the addition of private messaging. Not everyone has Facebook or other social media they could use to plan rides/trainings/etc with new friends you make while riding together or in other words, the only source you have to contact the other person is Strava. Please add PMs.

  • It would be very good if the system of exchange of personal messages with other participants worked!!!

  • There has to be a reason why this isn't available. I wonder what Strava mgmt's opinions are on the matter.

  • It's been over 5 years and we still don't have a private message system? Come on Strava! How do I share my phone number with riders visiting from out of town so we can link up and ride while feeling safe about my personal infos security?