Direct Messages on Strava

I think that Strava needs more social function in its system in order to increase its attractivity and its expansion. 

Some of my suggestions are :


1. A personal message system

2. An event scheduler which permits athletes to plan a group event 


I think both features would help to develop the commuity



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  • Will this be the decade that messaging between Athletes in Strava is completed? Come on, Strava, do something. You're THE most used service for cyclists around the world...

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  • What would you say if Strava rolled out the messaging function but made it available only to SUMMIT members?  What if Strava actually lowered the cost of SUMMIT by 30% to encourage growth of the platform and the use of messaging?  How would you react if as a condition lowering the cost of SUMMIT by 30% and making messaging available only to SUMMIT members you had to authorize Strava to allow targeted advertising (which of course would be according to your search history).

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  • Ideally, it would not be limited to Summit only. As a paying customer I'm opposed to ad placement. 

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  • I agree with Seth, I didn't pay Strava to "litter" my feed with ads. 

    Of course one had to give permission for others to use messaging.
    Of course a cheaper Summit would be welcome, but again: No ads please!

    To introduce messaging to members would be better than no messaging at all, I keep forgetting WHY I am a Summit member and why I pay Strava my hard earnt money.

    I'm not sure Stava feels they have to expand their platform even more.
    I have the impression they are pretty dominating as it is.

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  • I'm not paying for SUMMIT now, but would do so if it included private messaging. FFS, I want to be able to use Strava to set up rides with people at similar levels of fitness! This would make me use Strava much more / much more intensively than I do now. It could become Facebook for training. (I don't actually use Facebook, but you know what I mean.)

    Didn't we all learn 20 years ago that increasing the stickiness of your site / app was a Good Thing? Why is Strava dragging their feet on this? Yes, there need to be some safeguards to prevent harassment etc., but this problem has been solved by other sites / apps, it's not rocket science. Strava, please, get it done!



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