Direct Messages on Strava

I think that Strava needs more social function in its system in order to increase its attractivity and its expansion. 

Some of my suggestions are :


1. A personal message system

2. An event scheduler which permits athletes to plan a group event 


I think both features would help to develop the commuity



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  • Try the Clubs/Group Events functions

    As we approach the THIRD ANNIVERSARY of the original request (come on Strava, get with it already!), I'd like to point out that the Club function allows you to create a small club/group which you can make private, and in which you can post group rides as Events. This will fire off a notification to the club members. While this is far from solving the original issue completely, and not the most convenient way to announce rides, it does address some of the reasons people are asking for the messaging system, and some of us don't seem aware of it. Hope this helps some people.

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  • Can you suggest something better that integrates with ZWIFT as well?

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    Found this one ,but not config so far.

    Will try again. If anyone works it out please update.



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  • Strava takes customer feedback seriously and is considering a messaging function.  There is however an inherent danger that Strava is acutely aware of and extremely sensitive too.  There is a huge responsibility on the part of Strava to optimize the user experience and ROI.  Currently Strava analyses data, that's cool and for most subscribers quite enough.  It is not and should never open itself up as a Twitter like social media platform.

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  • Thanks for the feedback! 

    We have considered a private message system, but don't currently have plans at this time. But we appreciate hearing from you about this feature! 

    For group ride planning, try using the Club discussion board. Create a club with your friends or your riding group and start a club discussion to organize events. Club members will receive notification of the new discussion and receive updates. 

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