Direct Messages on Strava

I think that Strava needs more social function in its system in order to increase its attractivity and its expansion. 

Some of my suggestions are :


1. A personal message system

2. An event scheduler which permits athletes to plan a group event 


I think both features would help to develop the commuity



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    Some news to report on this front.  As of now we are launching @mentions within comments on the mobile app (web to come soon).   The comments are still public, not private, but important steps have been taken in the direction of private messaging.

  • The Personal Message feature would be huge because I always forget to exchange emails with the people I ride with but a PM system would allow for message private exchanges without using the comments.

  • An event scheduler would be great, could be used within a club, or could display similar to challenges do now

  • this is well overdue. So many people I ride with I communicate mainly through Strava. Private messaging would be a huge benefit 

  • Come on strava, it's a great idea !!

  • Yeah, no way of making private messages makes it incredibly difficult to make contacts. Like just recently another rider found me, but we had to use another website to transfer contact info privately. Does Strava really want us going to OTHER websites?

  • It would be nice to have a "meet spot" function. For example: my cycling partner and I want to go for a ride the next day. I sent him an inventation and suggest a meeting spot and time through Strava and maybe even I can suggest a whole ride with a point on that ride where we can meet. The next day when we start our ride we can see where the other person is and how long it will take for him to arrive at the meeting point. In that way I can see if I have to ride a little slower or faster so we can arrive at nearly the same time on the meeting spot.

  • If you have a public Strava profile and you want to give someone you don't know your contact information (email, phone) for ride coordination later, currently you can't give it to them unless you want to give your email address or phone number to the Internet.

  • I have felt exactly the same as the OP for a long time, especially regarding private messaging.  For just the reasons that have been mentioned here - wanting to contact people to arrange rides, keeping in touch with people that you are not connected to in other networks - private messaging would be brilliant.

    I'd also like the ability to use people's handles in comments so that they are notified when you refer to them, I'd like this feature to work in comments in the same way it does in twitter and facebook.  To avoid any doubt, what I'm thinking of is that Elle Anderson would be notified if I wrote "Elle Anderson, what are some of the reasons that Strava has decided not to provide a private messaging feature at this time?".  If this tagging feature  already exists please point me to the instructions on how to use it.

    Regarding the OP's suggestions, the frustration for me is that Strava has such a wide user base - at least in Melbourne, Australia, the majority of riders actively use Strava - this penetration is significant and provides opportunities that are being left on the table.  There are dozens of people that I ride with infrequently and only communicate with through Strava or when I bump into them on the road.  I'd like to use Strava as a tool to build many of those relationships further.

    Another scenario I have in mind is when you meet someone on the road and end up riding with them on the day.  Because of it's penetration, Strava currently provides a way to connect afterwards without exchanging details other than first name (via the "Rode with" feature).  This connection is then limited though, because you don't facilitate ongoing interaction within the context that people originally connected.  Either they have to make a jump and connect via other social media, or they start a conversation by commenting on each others' rides.  Neither of these options is particularly effective.

    If you absolutely cannot contemplate doing private messaging, even allowing comment-replies to kudos would improve conversations.  If someone gives me kudos for a ride I'd often like the option to comment-reply in a separate thread to existing comments, in a way that is visibly linked to the individual who gave the kudos.

    So Elle, would you be able to let us all know the pros and cons that you've weighed up in deciding not to develop more social features at the present time?

    And finally, for what it's worth, I gave up my premium subscription when you removed the cap on rides that can be uploaded each month in the free plan.  At that time Strava's power-analysis features were not in the same league as Golden Cheetah or TP (I am aware that a lot of the gaps back then have been covered now) so the social features were what Strava represented for me in terms of value, and premium accounts offered nothing extra.  If you added rich social features back but confined the ability to start conversations to a paid account (as linkedIn does) I would immediately be purchasing a premium subscription again.  Strava's value for me since I first signed up has always been the social aspect - especially seeing who you rode with and how your performance compared to them.  So from a personal perspective, I'd love to see Strava switch focus from training features and take social features to the next level.

  • PLEASE!! I cannot believe there is no messaging system at all!! We aren't looking for Facebook here, but how do you expect people to interact?

  • A PM system would be a massive improvement
  • Please, it is so incoveinent to have to post on a nonrelated activity to ask a question or let someone know about a ride.  Private messaging would also let someone contact riders with questions that they don't necessarily follow.

  • I also raise my hand to support the addition of private messaging. Not everyone has Facebook or other social media they could use to plan rides/trainings/etc with new friends you make while riding together or in other words, the only source you have to contact the other person is Strava. Please add PMs.

  • Exactly what I was going to say

  • Yes, private messages are mandatory.

    Strava segments are greate, so you follow people that you don't know in any other network... And today it's impossible to exchange a message with them!

    Do you have a roadmap for this easy feature? :)

    Thank you 

  • A PM function would be great to exchange things or report issues to certain ppls in stead of every follower knowing personal information.

    Please add this function sooooon  Sooner Better then Later.

  • PM function is what I'm also looking for.

  • As others said, I can't believe there is no private message feature. The fly by option is great, but what if you pass that person everyday and wanted to send them a message? It would be a great way to make friends. 

    I signed up for the premium trial, but if there is no private message feature by the time it ends, no way i'm going to pay for it. 

  • @mentions in comments don't really help in this regard. If I write comment without an @mention the user gets notified about that comment anyway. But if the comment is totally unrelated to the activity then it doesn't make sense. A direct message system is a no-brainer for Strava...

  • It would be the first thing I would add to strava.  I can't belive it's not already part of the program.

  • The community has spoken...please add PVT messaging....all social media has this function. It's the basic and obvious purpose of all social media products.

  • Agreed. This could be very useful.

  • This is ridiculous.  I've been getting thread subscription notifications for this thread for two years now and still no PMs. 

  • Yes a PM system please !

  • I have just joined Strava and one of the first things I wanted to do was direct message someone I met when out riding a few weeks back. We had a lot of common interests and he asked me if I was on Strava so we could stay in touch. For ride metrics I've found Garmin Connect sufficient for my needs so my main motivation for joining Strava was to connect with other cyclists I might meet out on the road. So I joined Strava and found the guy I wanted to connect with in less than a minute with the Strava search function and then went looking for the messaging button which surely had to be there somewhere!!!!! But no, to my absolute astonishment and disappointment I discovered that Strava does not have any private messaging capability. WTF???? Are you kidding me. And then I find this discussion thread on the subject going back over 3 years with members of the Strava community expressing similar dismay as myself and imploring Strava to do something about it. Seriously Strava, you need to listen to your community and address their needs. You have a very disappointed new member.

  • Sorry, but this is no use,
    Lots and lots of suggestions, but precious few are taken i consideration.

    PM has been on this list since 2012.
    That's a loooong time.

    I love Strava,
    I really do, but there is really no  use in asking for new features her.


  • Just one more request which I feel will be ignored.

    Please add a personal message system.  We don't all know each others e-mail addresses and don't necessarily want others to know it, but personal messages are available in almost every social environment app.  Strava's strong suit is the social aspect of segment comparison yet it lacks personal messaging and picture uploads except Instagram.  Seriously guys, if you're gunna be social based in segment comparisons, at least play up all your social elements... If you want to be the premier app, you need t address the other issues like audible routing and better overall stat tools.


    I used to be a premium member, but I am feeling like Strava has begun to abandon their product and are just letting it sit as-is.  I can't really fund something that is abandonware.  Please prove me wrong.

  • How is it possible that there is still no private message function on Strava? Please add this feature, seems like it would be a no-brainer.

  • We have a small, informal Strava cycling group. Would be really good to be able to PM each other as a way of connecting with new riders who join the group so we can then add them to our informal ride email group. We don't want to have to setup a facebook page and force all our members to join that just so we can message each other, but it's heading that way because Strava don't seem to be interested... Come on Strava!



  • It's simple: Strava does not want us to have this feature. I don't know why, but obviously other features are much more important (like a non chronological feed - and it is a mess).