Make the Leaderboard sortable by clicking on column headings.

Please make the Leaderboard sortable by clicking on column headings.

For example, I'd like to be able to easily sort My Results for a Segment by Date. As the number of times I ride a segment increases, it's becoming more difficult to see how today's time compares to my time last week. Obviously, I can scroll through the list and find the times from last week, but it becomes quite time consuming when I might have ridden a given segment so many times there are several pages or results.

I'd also like to sort the Segment Leaderboard by Power. That would allow me to quickly see how my power compares to other rides. I'd really like to see how I compare to those I follow and ride with often.

This could be another feature users can unlock by becoming a Premium member!



  • This is what I want as well.  I want to be able to sort my ride segments by HR, Power, Speed.  I'd want to know if I got up a hill faster but had a lower HR, for example.  I'd expect this upgrade would be easy to implement, these are just columns of data (as far as I can tell).  I pay premium already, but like John mentions above it's a great premium add-on.   Please let me know if this is in the works!!

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  • I also need this future and add some more..

    I want to see my improvement for over a period (say 3 months). If I use a powermeter that is a piece of cake. There are charts/graphs for it in Strava and in Trainingpeaks and other apps.

    Bu if I don't use a powermeter only Strava calculates approximate power values for me. This is what makes Strava unique for me to see how fit I am. But to be able to see the power values I need to click and get into that activity. It is not a convenient way to see the improvement over time.

    If I was able to see it in the list of "My Activities" that would be terrific. May be you can show it as a chart also, that would be the biggest improvement of Strava for me.


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  • Has there been any consideration on John Fox's suggestion?  This would be a great tool to be able to make sorts on any column.  I started to initiate something on this today because I saw a change in the Smart Phone (Android) app today a different sort for My Results.  In the app it is now sorting on the date the segment was ridden and online it is sorting on time.

    Again, the ability to choose a different sort on any column would cover it all.

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