Upload to Strava via Bluetooth from Edge 510/810

I really like the way my 510 connects to my Garmin phone app via bluetooth and then when I hit "save" on my device it automatically transfers the activity to my app and then to the Garmin connect website. From here I had a workaround set up on copymysports.com which transferred anything that I uploaded to Garmin connect to Strava so that I never had to manually upload my activities. Why can't the Strava phone app connect to bluetooth capable devices such as the Edge 510 and 810 and then transfer the activity directly to Strava when I hit "save" and eliminate the Garmin app completely? I hate the Garmin app and website, it sucks more than I can say without using offensive language. PLEASE STRAVA!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! I WOULD EVEN PAY FOR AN APP CAPABLE OF DOING THIS!!



  • YES!!!

    Then we can be done with that blasted garmin connect rubbish once and for all :)

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  • I can't believe this has not been suggested earlier or by more people. Syncing with my phone and providing live segment details (as Garmin Connect does) and auto uploading would complete my life. Clunky Garmin Connect (or copy my sports) would no longer be required.

    Maybe even live tracking of fellow riders when the group gets split up in a climb.

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  • This is in fact a very popular request! 


    The Garmin technology for uploading via BT has not yet been made available to 3rd party Apps like Strava. So unfortunately, there is nothing we can do at this time to fulfill this request. 

    Another good program is https://tapiriik.com/ as that "pushes" the original FIT files from your to Strava (will keep your temperature data for example).

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  • I can't upload this file to Strava. When is there it shows only

    • 2/8/15
    • 0.1 mi
    • 1:55

    But on Garmin Edge-800  shows

    Distance: 20.01 mi
    Time: 1:09:11
    Avg Pace: 3:27 min/mi
    Avg Speed: 17.3 mph
    Elevation Gain: 0 ft
    Calories: 669 C
    Avg Temperature: 67.6 °F

    Please help.


    thanks and regards,


    Dagi Gasevski

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