Average Pace on the My Activities View

On the My Activities view is it possible to add the Average Speed/Pace for each activity displayed in the list?
It would also be great to be able to filter by distance as well.





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  • I've just asked the same question ......." is there a possibility to add another column on the "My Activities" page to show the pace for each run. That would be useful so you can easily see and compare your pace from day to day (or runs a few days apart) on a particular route"

    Thanks (in advance) Strava Team - that would be great

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  • This feature would be useful and not too difficult to add. Strava, could it be possible to add this?

    Additionally, I would like to see Activities (weekly/monthly) on My profile page displayed by average pace so that I could see my progress concerning the pace.

    Thank you!

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  • Hi. I too think it would be very useful a filter that enables one to see the activities based on pace. I'm trying to find a run I did long ago and I've got a vague idea about the pace with which I ran it, but can't find it unless I do a one-by-one search of all my activities. Thanks. x

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  • I doubt that Strava cares about what you think. Just look at the years that have gone by with people asking for this. It is really a basic thing to expect. No reply



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  • Yeah I’d like to see it too. I switched from runkeeper because I joined a club but strava isn’t as nice

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