High DPI heatmap for printing

It'd be nice to make the heatmaps poster printable, given a high enough DPI. I'd be happy to continue paying for Premium if it was included, or even if I had to buy it through Strava at a reasonable price.



  • Good idea. Printing your heatmap could be fun.

  • I discover Personal Heatmaps 2 weeks ago, and is fantastic....... I will like download the map, Can you add this option?, so I could print later in a big poster.<!--?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /-->

    it will be excellent if doing click in any route of the heatmap, show me when I did that ride..... or how many times I have done that ride.

    Thanks in advance for your help....

  • Thats now available!



    But its not 'Your' heat map.. i was going to print it off this year and make it a goal to explor even more terrain in 2016!


  • I agree.  I've contacted support (waited for a month) and they said I can try to contact metro services for this or post here.  Path to no where.  

    However, this is what I did for a nice desktop.  Find someone with a HUGE, high resolution monitor.  Screen shot it & Crop it for a lower resolution monitor.  Works great. 

    Ideally, I want to print a big one for my house.  It would look excellent in a frame.

  • The reply regarding printing posters isn't valid anymore.  That link is busted.

  • For anyone relevant: The newest versions (newer than ver. 16) of firefox have developer tools built in, that can be used to capture screenshots with astronomically high resolutions.

    Open up Tools ... Web Developer ... Developer Toolbar

    Resize the screen to extend WAY beyond your monitors capabilities by using this command:

    rezize to 10000 10000

    Then capture a screenshot with

    screenshot output.png

     Enjoy a high res screenshot of your heatmap! (A short advice: Be patient. Firefox becomes really slow when you resize the screen to 10000x10000)

  • I'd like a "Where I"ve Been" heatmap

    The idea is that anywhere you have been would show a solid line on the heatmap (like on an individual ride)
    I like to try to explore new places and "ride as much of a region as possible"
    But when I zoom in on the heatmap to see places that I "have or haven't" been the dots become very faint and make it difficult to see.

    Any chance this option could be explored?