Uploading rides is too many clicks

Not sure that this is a new feature, I'd just like it back how it was...It used to be one click to upload my activities from my Garmin Edge via my PC. Now it seems four are required; find upload under th 'plus', select upload, click get started for Garmin then choose upload using communicator - seems like a step backwards to me



  • How about drag&drop of a file from Windows Explorer (or OS/X Finder) onto the orange "plus" symbol at the top right of the page?

    Google drive have a great implementation of this - drag a file (from anywhere) onto the browser window, and the whole page changes to a pulsing blue circle, providing instant feedback to the user that a) the upload action has been recognised and b) what's about to happen next (the file will be accepted and processed).

    So, how about it Strava?  Great product by the way!

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