Icons for other sports

I used my Garmin for the first time today to record a canoeing session, but was a bit disappointed that there's no canoeing icon shown in my feed for it! Can't be hard to create surely...




  • I was just about to suggest likewise albeit for lifting weights.  It seems braindead obvious to me (and agree it can't be THAT hard to implement, at least for the standard 30-40 manual-entry Activity Types that are available in the dropdown.  Might be hard to have icons that differentiate between, say, backcountry skiing and cross-country skiing, but that's why they pay graphic designers the big bucks.  Right now manual entries end up being kind of orphaned and it's not apparent what they are.

  • Agreed.  I'm a sprint cyclist and spend a lot of time in the weight room.    It wou;ld be nice to see that here along side my riding workouts.

  • Rowing, canoeing and swimming are all the same icons

    Would be great to get specific icons for each sport. Like someone has said this surely isn't too much work.

    Sometimes the icons are the only way to tell what sport it is someone has done in the activity feed in dashboard view, having individual icons for each sport would make seeing what people have done a lot easier. Strange icons may stand out and get extra Kudos.

    Taking it one stage further for rowing an indoor and on the water icon to show the difference between the two.

  • I do cycling and indoor rowing. There's an icon for cycling but none dedicated specifically to indoor rowing. It's already been said that having unique icons for all sports is doable and i therefore add my voice to those asking Strava to include an icon for indoor rowing so that the Dashboard information would more useful.

  • I also would like to have specific icons.