Change your Profile Stats to any sport

Currently, when I look at my profile on my iphone, I have the default tabs of cycling and Running (my main sport is mountain biking).

I'd prefer to be able to change the defaults from Cycling and Running, to Cycling and walking or Cycling and canoeing depending on the time of year so I can see how I'm tracking.

Are we able to customise these tabs somehow?



  • I would like to change running to walking in my preferences but can't find a way to do this.  Any suggestions?

  • +1 for this one.

    At least for the Android-app, the profile page shows three tabs (run, ride, swim). These tabs should really be configurable!

  • Consider this another +1.  Never swim, don't like running, but do a lot of hiking and would love to see the aggregated stats.  Thanks!

  • +1 for this. Strava offers so many other sport options why am I stuck with these three run bike swim tabs? I ski mountaineer in the winter as a replacement for running and really need to be able to see my stats like I do on the running ran. GO STRAVA GO!

  • The whole of Norway Nordic ski everyday pretty much yet there is no chance to set this as a primary activity even though the whole country is covered in ice and snow... Please sort this out strava such a simple change which should have been there from the start

  • Id love the ability to to change my default sports, on the webpage, in the iOS app, so that I can choose the right sport directly on my apple watch (maybe with the digital crown?)

  • I think this idea would greatly enhance the Strava experience. If Strava included a more user-friendly and also more user-customizeable profile such that I could have several sports set as my defaults I would definitely enjoy using the app more. I nordic ski and run and cycle but I never swim. So it would be nice if on the mobile app the swim portion of my profile went away and was replaced by nordic skiing. What does a serious kayaker or hiker do on Strava? They wouldn't have a very easy time digesting their data via the current system. It is very centered around Triathlon sports, which I think is a good start but not robust enough. In a similar fashion, when I change my activity type from a run to a nordic ski (ie when I upload to Strava) I will invariably lose my auto splits for each kilometer as is the standard setting/display of the data for a run. Shouldn't this be determined by the user? Thanks for all you do Strava but consider this change! Could be awesome!

  • I expanded on this in a new post I asked for the ablity to pick any 'primary'/'default' sport in the settings of Strava. This would then be similar to doing it in the app.

    Maybe I duplicated this post, so mine was not approved and so now deleted with no feedback as to why disapproved.

    This needs to be done in the app as well as in Strava settings, I am down as a runner but rowing is my primary sport. Its frustrating saving a row on the water as a run, you often get comments about being able to walk on water with your kudos.

  • I'd like to be able to default to "rowing". I'd also like it if the auto-import-from-Garmin, which I use, could read the sport-type set there and use that.

  • +1, this is must!

  • Agreed, have they not added this yet?

  • I really like the ideas of keeping the sport details separate and of being able to choose from a variety of sports not just the holy trinity of running cycling and swimming.

    Get Rowing on there for a start!

  • Agreed.Rowing must be added. It's long overdue.

  • I was so excited to see Strava connecting with Liverowing. But why aren't the rowing kms adding up? Very disappointing.

  • I want to make hiking my default sport, please.

  • I was looking into this hoping it was a feature already and I just couldn't find how to do it. This is such a must!


  • It would be awesome, if I could add rowing instead of swimming, for example. I miss the possibility to see my rowing sessions in the training diary or in the leaderboard of my rowing club at Strava.

  • I am a bit surprised that Strava has not yet responded to these many requests for some flexibility in sports type and include Indoor Rowing as a sport in its own right or make it possible for one to include it. Once done, it should upload the metrics from Concept2, Garmin (or any other sources) to Strava such that they still retain their native format and meaning.

    Please Strava look into this. It shouldn't cost much. 

  • i past on premium  because of all different options available but still no way to just choose the sport you are currently doing on fly. i mean im not the only one that dont run or do cycle overtime right ...

    so we really need more than 3 default sports in the menu. because we all do many sports !

    it's unbelievable that an app like yours has not yet included the sports choice before starting an activity .

  • My friends can change their event to canoeing. Why doesn't my app allow me to change? Is there a way to do this?


  • It's really 'heart warming' to see how involved the Strava dev team is with their community. :-|

    As a software development professional I find this really disconcerting. Listen to your users while they are still users. You are leaving people no choice but to vote with their wallets.

  • Since May 6, 2015 - till - June 8, 2018

    Still no way to change the primary sport to anything other than running and cycling. Bravo!!

    I did purchased the premium feature but I’ll go back and cancel the renewal before the trial period ends, given, how unresponsive strava has been with their users.

    On asking this via Twitter, It’s a clear no, won’t be happening anytime soon.

  • Another request for rowing please, I hardly ever run or swim :(

    Strava does kind of support rowing, in that I can take my bike computer out in the boat and mark the ride as a row afterwards. There's a drop-down in the app to do this. Cycling, running and swimming are at the top, but if you scroll down long enough you'll come to rowing. It even displays the distance in metres and the speed in 500m splits, which is a nice touch.

    But it would be great to be able to select rowing as one of the default sports and get stats displayed on it. Currently it just shows up in the training log as "XT" (cross training?)

  • Well, this is disappointing. I was looking forward to being a Strava user. But like many people, I would like to choose my three primary sports. I used to cycle and swim but, currently, those days are on hiatus. I am a run, hike and walk. It sucks having to call all of my activities running. Oh well, I will search around for something else. Runkeeper or Endomondo may be better options and they are free. 


  • Same here... I don't swim... and do many other activities, it should be customizable. Otherwise just tell us up front that Strava is only for "triathletes"..

  • +1 for making these stat settings customizable.  I run, hike, walk & SUP, so two of my stat columns are empty (because SUP isn't swimming) and three of my sports are lumped together under "crosstrain."  For being an app geared towards  athletes and their training, this is a pretty huge deficit.

  • +1 I would like to track kayaking and XC skiing

  • Strava-- the triathlon app with minor nods to other, clearly inferior activities. Not super impressive.

  • 4 years and no change from Strava, wth are they doing?