Hide Commutes from the Activity Feed but still count towards my stats

I would like this feature because nobody is interested in my twice daily commute, except me. I would still like it to count towards my total mileage and if I happen to do well on a segment then that should register too. Currently, if I mark a ride as private then segments don't count which seems unfair.

Alternatively maybe somewhere in the Strava settings there could be a "Hide other people's commutes" option?



  • I 100% agree.  want to be able to hide people's commutes 2x day, but have the mileage still count toward my personal total miles/elevation per year.  also should still be able to count towards challenges -- you are still riding!!! just not showing the annoying 6 mile commute 2x a day in people's feeds.

  • +1

    The hide other people's commutes seems like a good idea.

  • Great feedback for us. Please also chime in on the discussion on better options to filter and customize the Feed.

  • I would like to hide the commutes of my colleges as well!

  • This would be a great feature. Still want commutes for mileage and city data (I've read it can be used for planning purposes) but do not want to spam followers.

  • Same. I totally agree. The only time someones commute should show up is if they have done it more than say 50 times, and they get a PR. Then yeah... of course brag to all my friends. I'm just going to record it manually until you get it fixed, because it must be annoying to see my same route ever single day. 

  • This should be an option, not a default setting.

    I just finished a ride and cannot access statistics or see it on my feed and there's no way to get it back, at least on the phone.

    At least warm people that their ride will not be recorded on their feed.

    Two thumbs down.

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    Option like: hide commutes (of others) in feed would be nice.

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    Agreed, 'Hide other peoples commutes' seems like an easy solution.

  • +1

    Short commutes are such annoying noise. I've had to unfollow a couple friends that post them because it fills up my Dashboard. Add this feature so I can add them back.

  • Yes please!

  • Fantastic ideas here.  I do four short rides a day and am sure its annoys the hell out of my club mates.  Hide others commutes looks like a winner. 

  • Yes please.

  • Any update here?  I don't want to publicly log race warm ups or cool downs but I want those mile to count towards my annual totals

  • Has this feature been implemented yet?

    If not - is there any idea of when it will be available?




  • Hey Strava - is this ever going to be implemented. I am sure my followers are sick and tired of looking at my twice daily commutes. 

  • This would be such a welcome feature, come in Strava

  • Any update for this?


  • Hoping for an update here. I would also like to hide my active recovery rides from other people's feeds (they're incredibly boring), but still have them count towards my totals.

  • Come on Strava - can you please wake up on this - just get the commute button to work ?

  • I could NOT agree more!  Need the "commute" button to be more useful; really dislike that my short rides clog the feed but want them to count.

    @Strava - please make this happen!

  • Would really like this feature!

  • +1
    I'd like the option to prevent other people's commutes from cluttering up my activity feed.

  • Is the commute tag even used for anything right now? This would be a great feature, commute activities are really not that interesting. We should have the option whether to show activities that we have tagged as commutes on our follower's feeds. 

    Edit: Seems like people have been asking for this since 2012 (5 years!). 

  • Definitely would like this feature!

  • I do 2-3 turbos a week which can add 60 miles a week to my stats - but I really don't want to bore my followers with them. This feed is over a year old and an ongoing issue for 5 years - Strava don't even respond!

    I'm a premium member paying Strava £6 a month - I would have expected this to have been resolved by now.

  • I could not have been able to agree more regarding the necessity of implementing such a feature!

  • Hey! I would love it if my commutes were added to my totals and let me take segments but didn't show up on my friend's news fees.

    This is nothing new, I am just reminding strava staff that is a desired feature!

  • I've been watching this thread for years... love Strava but it's my number #1 issue.

    No update Strava? What would it take to even get a response to this thread? Direct Action? 

  • Totally agree. I have four rides a day as part of my ride train ride commute. They're short rides and all tagged as commutes. Would be so good if I could have commutes as private or aggregated and published as a distance over the week. Or as suggested just let me commutes or rides under a certain distance be filtered out.