Add Strength Training as an activity type

Please add Strength Training to the drop-down menu of Activity Type. Strength Training is common activity that is not represented. Examples of this are TRX Suspension and Rip Training.




  • Strava has just called this type of activity "Weight Training" instead. It's already there in the dropdown menu. Yes, I understand that this may not be exactly the same as TRX or RIP Training, but it's really just a small difference of nomenclature - "Weight" vs "Strength".

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  • Hi,

    The same could be said for categorizing an activity as "workout" or "crossfit" which are also options, but I don't think those are accurate either. I respectfully disagree that it's just a small difference of nomenclature, especially given the nature of the activity and caliber of athletes I know who utilize Strava. That might work for a more recreational tracker, but from my impression, Strava caters to a more discerning and higher quality athlete.
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