Make athlete's public routes accessible from their profile page

If you make a route on Strava, you can choose public or private—great, public to let others see it, private for super secret training, whatever. It's a bit like activities, right? (which can be public or private).

Except its not. Public routes can only be found if you have the exact URL. You can't go to someone's profile and check out the routes they've made...

Can we please get a feature for followers to be able to see the routes we make? Or a third privacy setting for Private (cannot be seen no matter what), Sharable (we can share the link, but without it you can't find it), Public (people can also see the route if they can see our profile page). I'm not convinced the extra privacy setting is required—their privacy could function exactly like activities, based on your global privacy setting.

As it is, when I make a public route it briefly shows up on my activity feed (and presumably my followers can see this too?), so it seems silly they can't also check out my sweet routes by going to my profile page and checking what I've made (just like they can check out my activities).

Ultimately, I just want to share awesome rides with my friends, and see what awesome rides they've made, but you're making this harder than it needs to be.





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