Allow slightly downhill (~-1%) segment goals.

It would be great if segments that are only just downhill, up to a -1% average gradient or so were eligible for segment goals. I understand the safety reasoning behind the restriction, but I think that such a small downhill component does not introduce a significant safety risk, and it is frustrating that I cannot set segment goals on these segments.



  • another good example: 9km long TT segment

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  • Completely agree!


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  • All segments should be available. This is removing my choice and my rights to see data. Come on strava this is beyond stupid reverse this terrible decision. You don’t own the data or segments. 

    As others have said many flat long segments no longer display at all

    The starring system you already had was the best way to filters segments. If people don’t want downhill don’t star them!

    Please allow me to see my own data again. 

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