No indication of sensor disconnection or 'stale' data on app

In short: when sensor/speed data is not being updated, do NOT keep the old value on screen—change to dashes or fade it out to pale grey.


I'm on Premium so I'm meant to get real-time speed and sensor data (like heart-rate). And mostly I do...

But when new data doesn't come in, e.g. because of a fault with the sensor, or seemingly when you just slow down to a stop (speed on iOS) the old "stale" data remains on screen. It kind of looks stupid that my speedo says I'm still going 15 when I've stopped, and it's infuriating that my hear-trate kept a constant reading for half of a recent ride before I realised the sensor had stopped transmitting to Strava (it took me a while to notice it was the exact same number). The annoying thing is, Strava *knew* it wasn't getting new data (because when I stopped and went into the sensors config, it showed the '--' as the current heart rate).

If data is old, stale, out of date, whatever... it should not be displayed as the *current* value. The heart-rate, speed, etc should do something like 

  • change to "--", which already Strava uses elsewhere to indicate a lack of data (not to be confused with 0, or retaining an old value which indicate a definite reading), so this would be consistent with the sensor settings, for example
  • fade out to a light grey colour after a few seconds without an update, which kind of indicates the data/sensor is "disabled" so to speak

The colour/fade could also be used on distance/speed to indicate GPS quality. Rather than watching it to see if its updating, seeing the number go grey tells me there's a problem with the sensing.



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