Update to Android 9.0 has stopped Strava working properly (Nokia 7+)

So my phone updated to the latest version of Android at the weekend and since then there seems to be a huge problem. The ride is recorded but I get the message 'Strava has recovered from a problem' (or something like that). The time is recorded but not the route. After doing some research it appears the GPS is not connecting or is being turned off with the lock screen.

I've turned off all the battery and data saving options and also the com.evenwell.powersaving.g3.overlay.base.s600ww as recommended in another thread. I downloaded something called Wakelock V3, but no idea what to do with it. Supposedly has power override features, but I can't figure out which option to use.

So other than having something like Google maps running constantly, anyone else having this problem? Any fellow 7+ owners out there?





  • I think I'm getting something similar but on a S7 on Android 8.  Only get datapoints on the activity when the screen isn't locked.

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