The amount of advertising is ridiculous

Ads and promotions are getting beyond a joke, the Strava website devotes a chunk of real estate in the top right for buying Summit (I have Summit), and injects an as into the news feed. If you’re a member of the Strava Club (as you’re seriously pushed to join), you then get all their posts, most of which are ads. Every page contains some sort of pestering to buy something.

I really just want an opt-out button somewhere. I’ll even *pay* for it, on top of what I already pay.

But the app is so much worse, pop ups to buy Summit on launch (so, right when I finish a run and go to check that it’s uploaded, interruption) that you have to click through and now the single promo takes up 50% of screen.



  • Agreed. Those ads are blatant. I'm also getting a bit annoyed with the sponsored athletes with ads on their activities, known as Sponsored Integration.

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  • I agree.

    I PAY for summit but I still get untold useless information in the dashboard feed. (Follow suggestions, Challenge suggestions, etc)

    Some of thess I can get rid of using the excellent "Elevate" extension but some I just cannot get rid of, e.g. the USELESS "The Last Mile" advert that pops up every time - I am not even a runner.

    Get some sense, Strava, and allow some "opt outs" for your PAYING customers. Otherwise you may lose quite a few of us to rival sites...

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  • that's indeed ridiculous. it's absolutely insane, EVERY time i open the app i see that, i wouldnt mind a push every other week or something... 

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  • Totally agree with the OPs point. Please reduce the amount of advertisements or allow for an opt-out at least for Summit users.

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