Data sync failed

The app is up to date with current activities but any changes made on the website do not sync to the app.

The app is also not syncing with google fit



  • My Feed stopped syncing about a week ago....


    My data shows up on app, but the Feed fails to sync. I have a ticket into Support. So far their suggestions have not worked. 

    They suggest

    1) log off...log in

    2) Delete app, phone off for 10 seconds, phone on, reinstall Strava, login

    Neither suggestion worked for me


  • same issue here. "Data sync failed" on the "following" tab. Android 8.0 (Oneplus 3T)

  • I did request an archive of all my activities a couple of days ago. They only allow this once a week. Now I wonder if this limitation also confuses the API of the mobile app.

  • I've gone through those steps and still no data sync.

    Hopefully it's a minor issue that can be fixed soon.

    I'm on Android for what it's worth, and sync from Garmin Connect.

  • Strava support put my ticket on hold while they addressed an issue affecting Android app users. Some (but not all) users had "Data Sync Failed" errors, where the user data was present but the Feed did not load activities of followed athletes. 

    As of 2019-01-09 the feed now works on my Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 8.,0), si I guess Strava has worked behind the scenes to correct a server-side error.

  • Mine still hasn't worked for about a week now, I too have put in a ticket this morning. I've done all the standard tips but still nothing. I'm on android also, using Galaxy S9+ with all the latest software, hopefully it's sorted soon!

  • I have the same problem.

    No data sync between Strava and Google Fit.

    I tried to uninstall and install again.

    I tried to disconnect the link with Google Fit et link again.

    No success.

  • Strava dissapointed me at all.

    I own Huawei p9...everything worked perfect, but before 2 months a noticied first weird  activity recording when gps stopped working in the middle of my ride.


    No solution until now.


    Today I have another problem.For the 1st time activity doesn't sync in my feed.


    This weird problems become annoying.


    Strava support guys, find solutions for our problems, fix them as soon as possible or we will change app for other which works fine....Sports tracker.


  • Data sync failed. 

    Getting this all the time recently on Samsung Galaxy S9 Android.

    Tried logging out and back in - no good.

    Tried turning phone off and on - no good.

    Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app - no good.

    Any suggestions?

  • Same Problem, data sync stopped on Android. 

  • Since yesterday I am receiving a "Data Sync Failed" error. I have tried unlinking my Garmin Connect account and re-linking it again but it still does not work.


    Can someone please help urgently with this? It seems that other people have had similar issues since January 2019 now..


    Thanks for your help.


  • Yestetday I used 2 app for record my ride at the same time, Strava and Sportstracker.
    Strava stopped recording after a few km and Sportstracker did record perfectly.
    Then I export .gpx file from Sporttracker and import it into Strava .....
    I tried every solution found on internet but nothing works.
    I just go back to Sportstracker which I'd used for years with no problems before start using Strava.

    More then obvious is that Strava support is not working well and they don't give a shit about problems.

    Gps, data sync, servers, no response from support.....all this problems shows that there is no interest from Strava crew to solve problems an make users friendly and joyable.

  • I also had problems on Sunday and had to add my run manually.  i use Garmin Connect and subsequent runs seem to "synced" ok with Strava, (both on app & website), but every time I open the app on my Samsung phone, I get the data sync error message.  I'm presuming it's still referring to Sunday's failure.  Would like to know if it's possible to get rid of this annoying message!

  • Hello! I am interested in the issue of support and synchronization with the Huawei health app, and in particular with the Huawei Watch GT. This is a very popular product and it is really necessary to release an update where the connection of this device will be available.

  • I'm, also having trouble last few days, there is a message "data sync failed". How can I fix this?

  • i am having the same issue  for the last few weeks  '' DATA SYNC FAILED'' message as soon as I turn strava app on  on my samsung phone and i cant get to my saved activity or do anything with the app. I have tried all the suggestions of log out and back in etc but nothing working 

    Cant believe there are users on here having problems since Jan and Feb and we are now in June. 


  • had this error (400) couple of times this year and i found the solution.
    problem usually is in .gpx file itself, you have to export it to pc from strava app (i used google drive to save it), edit it (replace a few lines) and only then you will be able to upload it.

    when i opened it in notepad (sublime text 3) i noticed that in the middle of the workout current date suddenly changes (from 2019-06-26 to 2099-11-10 in my case):

    so i just replaced all "2099-11-10" with correct date ("2019-06-26" in my case):

    from that point i was able to upload .gpx file (from pc to successfully:

    i'm still not sure what is causing this problem, but it seems that people experience it pretty often and log in/out method usually does not help.