Strava login to fitbit


I am trying to login to Strava via my Ionic. In the past everything was OK, but i notices that my activities are not synced. When i go to Strava app i can see authorization state as not authorized and doesn't have an account. Down Strava is Autorized is listed from the app.

When pres on Authorize and click on Authorize button a windows is opening and error is showing.

I am trying to click from the app on Strava Login, but there is no response.

I reinstalled Strava application from the app, Revoke the access via, restarted Ionic and the phone, installed Strava again via the app, the same issue is appear - cannot lick and open Strava Login link to enter my credentials.

I have tried a lot of things, incl:

- revoke access from Strava site, disconnect Fitbit

- revoke access from Fitbit site, disconnect Stava

- Uninstall Strava app from the phone, restarted phone and Ionic

-install Strava app again, the same screen is appear -> cannot click on Strava Login, I am authorized, even Fitbit/Strava accounts are not existing in the Fitbit/Strava Account settings and when i click on Authorize > I am getting screen Authorize Strava for Firbit to connect Strava, blog hyperlinks and Authorize and Cancel buttons. When i click on Authorize a page from Strava is open with error "Your session has been expired".

Could you please check my account and revoke all sync to Fitbit to try again?

Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.




  • Hi Kumar
    Did you solve this issue as I am having exactly the same problem?
    Thanks Rob

  • No,bob still facing same issue.Not able to authorise starva to fitbit.but i am able to sync activity to starva from fitbit.i don't know how?

  • Rob and Kumar, I received my Ionic yesterday (as my Blaze packed up) and, after downloading the Strava app onto the Ionic device, found the same problem (see Ionic screen).  See comments below the next three pics. I then tried disconnecting and reconnecting my Fitbit authorization on my Strava account and still got the same Ionic screen (see pic 2).

    When I go back on the Fitbit app on my iPhone I'm told that I've not got an authorized account (pic 3). I'm not sure this is a Strava issue per se but since you are part of this integration problem, I'm hoping you can shed some light on it.  I won't be offended if you say I should talk to Fitbit technical support - its my next call !  Help !!

  • Me too having the same problem.. Is this resolved

  • Same problem. I have brought the Fitbit Versa for my birthday. I get the same message on my fitbit and phone. But when I log into both my accounts on my laptop, both strava and fitbit are linked. 


    Totally confused and really frustrated. 

  • Same problem. used to work before.