The 1999 date issue is fixable by exporting the gpx and re-importing after making some changes

Hi all,

Like many, I've been experiencing the "1999 date issue". See for an official Strava update on this. 

In that post they mention they cannot fix the 1999 date. That's unfortunate if you want your stats to be accurately reflected. However, you can actually fix it as follows:

1. export the activity as a .gpx

2. open the file in a text editor

3. replace all occurences of the wrong 1999 date with the date on which you actually recorded the activity

4. (optionally also change the time although that's much more troublesome)

5. upload the changed gpx file

6. verify it now appears in your feed where you expect it to

7. delete the original

Hope that helps anyone.



  • Buenas noches..

    1. exportar la actividad como .gpx    Comó se hace el exportar como .gpx?


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  • A ton of work!  There's got to be a better way to fix this!!!

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  • for a start how do you export the GPX? We are not all as advanced!?

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  • Thanks, just managed to edit a run that was showing as 'Started in 2007' for the first 4 mins before getting a signal and showing the correct date, then worked backwards to edit all the times. Took a while but it was worth it to get my QOM logged properly!! :)


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