New Training log - does not work! It fails to show more than one activity (not to mention the distracting colour scheme...).

So a new update with different colours on the activity log (which are more distracting than the previous colour scheme.

Worse is that it no longer works!!!

The Training log does not show different activities carried out on the same day. On the old page, one could hover over the day's activity and it would automatically split into a number of smaller circles - all showing the appropriate details and providing a click through link to each particular activity.

Was the intention behind the update to make thing worse - both in terms of vivid colours that get in the way of the data and actually to stop it from showing multiple activities on the same date.

To think that I pay an annual fee for this! Come September why my Strava renewal is due, looks like I'll be sticking to the Garmin web data and save myself some money. Come on Strava - you've annoyed runners for years ignoring repeated requests for a lap counter initiator. And now you've destroyed what was one of the strongest functionalities by using a distracting colour scheme and stopping it from working!!!



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