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  • Similar to other requests to stop showing challenges in my feed, I want to be able to opt-in or -out of challenges according to sport or activity type.

    For example, I cycle mostly and occasionally swim, walk or hike. I am *not* a runner, but many of my friends are, so I get notified when they join running challenges and invited to join them too.

    I don't mind being invited to cycling challenges, but there is just no point flooding my feed with running challenges because I am never going to take part one. 

    So, as a cyclist I want to be able to opt out of running challenges so that my activity feed is less cluttered and more relevant to me.

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  • Please add "velomobile" as an activity that counts towards the cycling distance challenges.

    Yes, a velomobile is more efficient than a regular bicycle, but so is a recumbent (or a triathlon bike). And it is still a cycling activity. Besides, indoor cycling already counts and from my experience the distance reported by a trainer is way more than I would be able to ride with the same duration/power outdoors.

    I don't care about leaderboards, but these challenges motivate me to shoe-horn in "just another" ride to reach a monthly goal.

    The alternative is to record rides with a velomobile as a normal ride, but this will likely p*ss off people  for taking their KOM, plus it makes filtering your past activities harder.

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  • strava, there's not much point in having challenges for climbing when the leaders are clearly using chair lifts to get their incredible elevation gains, such as this one ;

    surely your algorithms should be able to detect that somebody "cycling" (or running) at speed up a mountain in a straight line is not actually cycling !

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  • Strava, I really enjoy my subscription. Please provide a filter out or the ability to toggle-off "Challenges" in the activity feed.  

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