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  • dont know where to put, here it goes... you dont actually respond to needs/changes/etc on strava...

    for example....several posts on adding track bikes to gear (a simple addition is sql btw) get closed without a response as why you cant/or wont make that addition, something which should have been added when you started thing years ago.

    And THEN you have AD pictures with people on velodromes? what the absolute?

    what is this some "we dont want track bikes on here" thing? i dont get it, how about an explanation.

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    Under Map > Routes Tab
    Current state: it's only possible to use auto generated routes. Strava shows the top 3 autogenerated routes based on user criteria (desired surface type, distance, etc).

    The autogenerated routes are helpful, but just because they use heat maps doesn't mean they consider a cohesive strategy to creating great routes.

    Future: I want to be able to search for specific routes that have been created by other Strava users (by title, description, tags / keywords, start location, popularity, user rating, distance, surface type, etc)

    Current state: it is not possible to provide feedback on Routes for other users

    Future State: I want to be able to provide a rating of routes so that uses in the Strava community can easily find the best local routes.

    It would be helpful for users to be able to rate (ex: give a star rating) on several aspects of each route, whether it's an autogenerated route or a manually created one.

    Aspects to rate routes on:
    --- Surface Quality (was it fresh paved or bumpy/rough?)
    --- Traffic (busy roads or quiet?)
    --- Flow/Continuity (was it stop and go with lots of intersections and lights, or was it continuous and uninterrupted? How many left/right turns impact this too)
    --- Scenery (does it go by popular landmarks, or enable nice views/ overlooks? Or is it boring?)
    --- Safety (were there hazards in the road? Aggressive drivers? On the other hand, was it a protected bike lane or dedicated bike path? There may be some opportunity to reduce redundancy between this and traffic, but they're not completely the same... Maybe traffic is a subset of safety?).
    Other ideas?

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  • The new "trail" activity type is great along with the dedicated map features.

    However, the Running goals (yearly) are now messed up because they don't count the trail runs anymore. Would be great to be able to decide whether they should be counted together (or not).

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  • Why not add "Sailing" as an activity?

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  • Boa noite, não estou mais conseguindo adicionar meus amigos, esta dando erros pedindo para fazer contatos com vocês. Desde já agradeço.

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  • Afranio B. I took a look at your account and it appears you may have hit our limit for the maximum number of followers you can add per day. Please wait 24 hours and try again. 

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  • Eu tenho assinatura, e, pela segunda vez, o strava não registrou minha atividade por completo. :(

    Outra coisa, para se guiar com uma rota pré selecionada do strava, é muito difícil, acabo fazendo e usando a rota no Maps ME, fica bem mais fácil para segui-la.

    Estou desapontado, por pagar por um app que tem problemas. E NÃO É BARATO!

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  • I want to be able to chose what my default map. The 3D map for mtb, trail, hiking does not help me in giving a good view of my track. I don't think the only way to not get the 3D map as default should be to cancel your subscription, but this is what I have done. Right now, I am waiting for my renewal day to get rid of the 3D maps! I might reconsider my cancelation, but not before it is possible to chose what default map is used.

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