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    Strava are technically right here in that the time stamp coming in should be right. I just thought it would be nice for us users if they offered a button to fix or offset the wrong time when other ...

  • David Lusty 进行了评论,

    Very hard to implement due to the anonymous nature of Strava. Where pro athletes have official accounts though, I agree this would be great.

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    I've downvoted this purely because I agree with the Strava stance that it's for the watch vendor to be standards compliant. Watches don't wear out based on use so inclusion in the gear section does...

  • David Lusty 进行了评论,

    Not sure I agree this would be that useful. It might be easy enough to implement though so I'm certainly not opposed to it being implemented. Wind and other factors will affect your pace/speed as m...

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    Incorrect Activity Time with daylight savings

    I ran the Reading Half Marathon last weekend (with 16,000 others) and half the field who uploaded to Strava matched with me, the other half didn't. One of those that didn't is a friend of mine so I...

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  • David Lusty 进行了评论,

    I think I've worked out the pace graph now. My guess is that it's to show how far off your best pace you are which actually is a more useful piece of info from a training perspective. We all use it...

  • David Lusty 进行了评论,

    I find it most odd that Strava don't seem to notice their users openly discussing which competitor to move to on their forums despite the fact that there is an easy fix to make everyone happy again...

  • David Lusty 进行了评论,

    "1) We should have phased all of you onto the new page more slowly while we worked out some of the bugs and details. In the future we will do a better job, I promise. For the meantime, we are conti...

  • David Lusty 进行了评论,

    Tomorrow makes it a week of annoying lots of users. Please PLEASE ROLL BACK PLEASE! Live on a very successful global website is not the way to test unless you're testing ways of reducing user numbe...

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    @SimonOrange I do the same with Polarpersonaltrainer which is actually much better than Strava in every way. The one big "but" to that being that it lacks the social aspect of Strava which I find v...