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    Same or worse for MTB trails that are modified or expanded on a quarterly basis. New loops added or retired, but old efforts still match full course. Overall leaderboards are useless on many of the...

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    Hi Kate, I too wish we would just get it from Strava. But since they haven't done that, I made the page John linked to. Anyway, you don't have to add segments. Then it just shows the participant st...

  • Jens M. 进行了评论,

    I made a smaller update to the segment challenge result page so that stats are displayed for participants if no segments are chosen for the challenge. It is ready for you to set up your own if you ...

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    I can see that a lot of people have visited the page, but few felt like they wanted to connect to strava to get in. That's fair enough. I posted the page here to get some feedback and to be able to...

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    I have created a sort of proof of concept page for to try out some of the feature ideas I have for group challenges. I didnt want to duplicate the weekly goal feature or club leaderboards for dista...