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    I've been seeing emails ever since I first posted here. It's time to register a new opinion ...--> Strava the company should develop leader boards version 2.0. Test it for a while, then announce a ...

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    Jason Lamoreaux I'm trying your suggestion here, "workout". I see there is workout as an activity, what you meant, and tagging a ride activity as workout. My most recent activity: received a 4th ov...

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    Soren understood. But doing so defeats one of my actual uses for Strava. To developers here: Call this a request for the feature I described. Logic change in pseudocode ... was      if (activity.se...

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    Is it possible to disable the segments feature, meaning: don't include my activities in leader boards, either ever or just by default until I opt in. For my type of Strava user - I'm not interested...