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    I was just about to buy Premium because I thought this was a feature, but decided to double check. Glad I did. I won't be paying until this becomes a feature.

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    Select a default activity type

    I use a general workout tracker (Garmin VIRB) and every day I have to change the Activity Type from the generic "Workout" to "Cycling" and rename the activity. According to Strava support, my activ...

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    Thanks for updating the heatmap, glad to see so much of the community shares my desire to see this updated regularly. However, the original question stands: are there plans to update the comparison...

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    2016 Heatmap comparison

    Any plans to update the heat map to include 2016 data to compare with 2015 and 2014? My city has added a number of new bike lanes and I would like to use this to show the impact of improved infrast...

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    So you've effectively eliminated the ability for your users to search their past activities by location, a feature I use regularly in analyzing past rides and exploring routes. Thanks... /s