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    I've been annoyed by this a number of times, but seeing as it's now finally actually made it onto a feature request, I'll add my 2p.  This feature is a must. I'd pay for this feature. If someone as...

  • Sam Daams 进行了评论,

    While we can all complain about this, it's the fact that Nike has now launched this feature that will have kicked Strava developers into higher gear. About time too. 

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    Maybe you should learn to read Fulco before criticising everyone. That is the existing app which requires the iPhone to be along. What we ALL want is an app for the new watch that means we can leav...

  • Sam Daams 进行了评论,

    @Mark Greaves ah, ok, yeah, we're a ways off that coming in on the watch I guess :) Jaybird X2's at the moment, though will probably try the AirPods when they hit the market.

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    @Mark Greaves, you can actually load a playlist on the actual watch, so that's not really a reason to have your phone along. This has been the case since the first watch came out, though hardly any...