Circuit Segments

We have a segment on our club's outside velodrome.. If I do a session of say 100 laps it shows 100 segments which is fine, but what I'd also like to are the laps joined together in a larger segment for example in groups of 10. So for the 100 laps you would have 10x 10 lap segments and you could find your fastest 10 laps. At the moment this cannot be done because if you create a segment 10 laps long you end up with a mess because a new 10 lap segment will be started every lap up to lap 90.  Also it would be good to find out how far you went in 1 hr.


Hope this can be done 





  • I've run into this issue too running 800m repeats with a 400m rest. This is one of the things that I have to manually calculate and track in Excel, and it would be great to have better interval support in Strava!

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  • I'm definitely for this idea.

    I imagine it working very naturally with the Splits panel in the activity Overview. It would be possible to convert the distance column header (which currently displays "km" or "mi" or whatever is your unit setting) into the following (I can even imagine writing the code logic for it):

    A header with selectable distance units and an integer multiplier of your choice, which would equal a distance up to to the total distance of the activity. The selectable distance would be a choice of any of the segment distances which are part of the activity OR km/ft/yd/mi/whatever (although it would be easier just to implement your base unit setting at first (km/mi)).

    Here's a mockup I just did showing one way to implement what I described:

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  • Agree.

    I got the same problem when running on an athletic track, on which a 1km segment is defined. I did something like 16 laps, and Strava detected the segment only 6 times, while it should have detected it like 14 times. Bad luck, each time I tried to perform on the segment, it was not detected !

    To take a more explicit example, let's imagine you have a 800m segment defined. Strava will detect it from lap 0 to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 6 ... while it should detect it from lap 0 to 2, 1 to 3, 2 to 4, 3 to 5, 4 to 6 ...

    I consider it as a bug

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  • This bug still seems to be present.

    Today I did 11 laps on a circuit. I did a slight negative split, i.e. the last laps were faster than the first laps (in general the first lap wil often be slowest if you don't have a flying start). For the segments consisting of several laps, it takes the time for the first x laps and not the fastest x laps. So e.g. while the last 6 laps were faster than the first 6 laps, the time shown for the segment of those 6 laps is the slower time (and yes, that's the difference between a KOM and not a KOM...).

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  • Yep, also get this as Martin outlined...    I did a simple 3km local circuit 10 times on the bike, and there is an existing 5 x circuit segment. I expected to see the 5x segment show up 6 times but it only showed up once - for laps 1-5. The segment didn’t show for 2-6, 3-7, 4-8 and 5-9 (and I may not have fully completed the 6-10 end of segment to see if it would appear a second time)

    So from this I take it that the rolling Multi lap segment does not work, however, others seem to have different experience (eg original poster). Is there a clear answer from Strava regarding how this is meant to work?

    btw, none of mine would be KoMs, but was expecting to see how my own performance changed over the hour

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