New Strava app for Apple Watch to support Series 2+

We are excited to release an updated Strava app which supports standalone recording using the built-in GPS of the Apple Watch Series 2+. 

Please note: To support the GPS in the Apple Watch Series 2+, we redesigned the app to work separately from the phone. Even if your watch still connects to the GPS from your phone, the app functions independently on the watch.

If you're experiencing technical troubles installing, recording, or syncing Apple Watch activities, please contact us directly by submitting a ticket at the bottom of this post. 

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  • I wanted a new running watch and sadly went with the Apple Watch series 5! Despite trying numerous settings etc the distance isn’t recording correctly. On most runs around 5-6mile it’s at least half a mile out. Very frustrating as I’ve resorted to having to carry my phone and use the app on there.

    Is this an app issue or my watch?

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  • I've used various versions of the Apple Watch but not the Series 5. I run with the Series 4 today. Have used the native app, Strava, Nike and Runkeeper variously over time. While the GPS  (absent local anomaly's which do occur) is generally as accurate as any other out there in and of itself, there are a couple of caveats I've found-

    1. On initial startup, assuming not tethered to a phone, it will occasionally seem to interpolate location and therefore pace while it locks on. Unlike the Garmin's I've used in past which let. you know they were still syncing (last was the 935XT IIRC- is this still a thing Garmin users??), it just "assumes" and lets you start.
    2. In urban areas, like all of them, it needs to see the sky and if it can't see at least 5 satellites (I think that's the number) it will be less accurate. 

    The apps OTOH all seem to have proprietary algorithms to calc path and therefore distance. Apple's native app does some interesting "smoothing" that, if you look closely, can sometimes take you impossible through a building. :) All of them do it to some degree more or less. 

    In aviation, for comparison, where locating you within 3m can be life and death, they add a ground-based station to further correct where you are more precisely. 

    This is all off the top of my head, frankly, as I haven't careed to dig in to it in some time. It's always been close enough.

    This guy has written extensively on his experience training and racing with the Apple Watch.

    Hope some of this is useful.

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  • I became so frustrated with the most recent performance of the Strava app for the Apple Watch, I have reverted to using the Apple Workout app on the Watch to track my runs and my rides. The Strava app on the iPhone can now import the workout from the Workout app, including the map. So I don't use the Srava app on the Watch anymore.

    A trick I have found useful to improve tracking at the beginning of a run (both Strava and Workout apps) is to start the run or the ride on the Watch before I put on my shoes, and immediately pause it. I then resume as I start my outing. This allows the Watch to get a good GPS fix while I finish getting ready.

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  • For the time third time in a very short week and a half I have almost no data to show for an outdoor run. I thought the new Apple Watch 5 would work better than my original version 0. Nope, utter frustration as this app can’t record HR and location reliably. So you switched to a more streamlined pricing structure, good for you. You are way off in getting close to any of my money if you can’t fix this. Entice with a working platform.

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  • I cannot install Strava onto Apple watch. Please help.




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  • Some feedback on the Apple Watch app (and Strava in general) based on using it the last couple of years:

    Having used Strava in combination with an iPhone 6  (later on upgraded to an "X" in combination with an Apple Watch 3) for tracking my MTB rides, I still notice the following problems (not sure whether Strava or Apple is accountable for them I have to admit):

    - When using my good old iPhone 6 I never had issues with excessive GPS inaccuracies - it all was withun acceptable accuracy (when in the woods, riding on twisty single tracks, I do understand that it is hard to be near 100% accurate.
    This all changed when I upgraded to the iPhone X & AW3 combo, some 2.5 years ago: All of a sudden the tracked routes were way off and the only way to get somewhat better results was to shut the Bluetooth link between the watch and the phone before you start tracking a session. Explanation: when they are connected the watch will start using the phone's GPS and it turned out that one was far less accurate than the one in the watch (which is very strange as the iPhone6 was pretty accurate.|
    After a lengthy discussion with apple support (doing some very extensive tests) I could convince them to send me a new phone(!!) - it didn't help though as it was as inaccurate as before.
    At this moment I still do not know what is wrong but fact remains that I do have to disable BT each and every time I go out for a ride (it really can be 10-15% off at times).

    - When finishing a session by using "Finish" on the Strava app on the watch I notice that its battery is still being drained! - I have the feeling that somehow the Strava app is still using some resources (heart rate monitor maybe) even though it stopped tracking - seems there is nothin I can do about it except putting it on the charger (after it is fully charged again things seem to turn to normal again - normal power consumption again)
    I've been looking at ways to really "kill" the Strava app on the watch but up until now didn't succeed - other apps I can kill by pressing the bottom oval button on the watch and then kill the app by swiping it gently from right to left - confirming the kill selecting the red-cross next to the app's icon - for the Strava app I didn't succeed to sweep it to the left. I would love to see more control in really shutting the app (either from the watch itself or otherwise from the connected phone)

    - As I am "forced" to use the watch's own GPS (accuracy issue, see above) it will drain the battery much faster (and I have the feeling this has gotten worse with the latest release(s)) it would be nice to have some sort of hand-off feature such that at the moment your watch is going into "power save" mode, Strava will continue tracking on the phone (assuming you have it with you).

    Strava has made a logic decision to put a lot of its unique features behind a pay-wall and I am seriously considering to subscribe (the free version is really too limiting - no more fun to use) but still facing the issue & lack of functionality described above is holding me off for now.


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  • FWIW, I've long since stopped using the Strava App to record workouts (since I do not need segment support) and only use my WIFI-only Apple Watch 4's workout app. Everything that I want to work, works perfectly and I don't have to carry around my iPhone when I'm out for a run in running shorts with no pockets.

    There are two annoyances:

    1. I cannot import all my data into Strava from when I stopped using Strava. Only the 30 days prior to me reinstalling the Strava app is available for import.
    2. There is no auto-import option for importing from Apple Health. In my case, all my workouts come into Apple Health and then I import those into Strava. I'd love for there to be an auto-toggle for Apple -> Strava just like there is for Strava -> Apple.
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  • This page links to this thread for comments.

    That article is annoying as it says

    "To force the sync of an activity that was recorded using the Strava Apple Watch app, go to the Strava app settings then select history. Next, select the activity you want to sync then press sync."

    History simply isn't there on the latest versions

    Sync from Apple Watch 2 to iPhone 11 Pro is witchcraft, there is no rhyme or reason to how or why it works, it never works when you want it to but seems to magically do it when it feels like it behind your back.

    The unsynced list and sync now simply does nothing, it's just there to annoy you i'm sure of it.

    The biggest eco system for tracking exercise and it's held to gether with wishful thinking, some string and some duct tape.

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  • I did a bike ride on 6/9/2020 and it did not record to my history.  It showed up on my watch when I finished and my wife also got the beacon notices.  I did the ride with my buddy who could not see the data in his feed (his worked)  I have been so satisfied with this app I have bought two for friends over this past 2 weeks.  But, after this glitch i have been questioning my hype.  

    Yes, i was segment chasing.  And know I had PR on several segments.  To not receive the analytics was highly deflating. 

    What now?

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  • Cannot search all the pages of comments to find out if already suggested.

    I would like to request starting and stopping the kayaking workout activity from my Apple Watch.  The activities listed there are not customizable.


    Please and thank you!

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  • Not impressed so far. have all synced with the apple watch and Strava. Went on a run yesterday and the activity did not transition to Strava despite being on cell.


    Then it wouldn't migrate over even when back at the house and on wifi and connected to the iPhone. I restarted the watch and the iPhone a couple times. 


    Now, it has migrated off the watch, but it's sitting on the phone in an "upload in progress" status. It continues to try, and then i get a "please check your data connection" alert and it doesn't come over. 

    Checked again and again. wifi is great on the phone. Cell is great on the phone. THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE.

    So doesn't seem like a usable app to me.

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  • chris tussing I've had that exact same issue many many times - emailed support a week or two again and of course i'm still awaiting a response.

    I don't doubt if we were paying customers not only would the support be quick, i'm willing to bet the sync would work better too!

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  • Part of the reason I’ve been reluctant to become a paying customer is the mediocre Apple Watch app. I used to have a Garmin watch. I want the Strava app to be as feature rich as a Garmin watch would be. In particular, here are a few features that would keep me paying:

    1. Better GPS: A Garmin watch let’s me pull up the GPS and get a good signal BEFORE starting my run. That way, when I start my ride or run, the distance is accurate. Strava frequently doesn’t get an accurate distance and time for the first mile because the GPS is not sufficiently locked on. I should be able to launch the app and have an activate GPS button that sends me a message when enough satellites are seen. The Garmin watch even tells me how accurate the signal is down to feet. I need that with Strava. Once I get the message, I can then start my workout.

    2. More accurate initial mileage. The first mile is NEVER accurate and gives me a slow first mile no matter what. I’ve compared it directly to a Garmin and Dtrava is routinely wrong.

    4. Less errors: yesterday I had a walk with negative mileage. Teach, that’s right. Negative mileage. Strava needs to work on accuracy.

    5. Better syncing. I still have problems syncing when I move away from my phone and use only Series 3?watch, even when I’ve put my watch in airplane mode.

    6. More activity screens on watch. I want to be able to swipe between average pace an instantaneous pace, mileage, and other things on separate screens. My eyes are not what the used to be. I need bigger type.

    7. Customizable screens just like Garmin.

    I’m happy to have these better features as a paid upgrade just make them please!

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  • Forgot two things: split audio cues that can be activated on all activities on an activity by activity basis. Also, custom splits by hitting button.

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  • i am new to strava, coming from runtastic and the behaviour on runtastic between App and Apple Watch as a remote, is so much better than the current strava stand-alone thing.

    1. 1. Please copy the behaviour from runtastic, let us switch from "stand-alone"-mode and "remote"-mode and it would be great.
    2. 2. i want to see my current Pace/Tempo for the current kilometer +  the overall Pace/Tempo from the workout   ( like Runtastic does ) 
    3. 3. i want a vibration after each kilometer   ( like Runtastic does ) 
    4. 4. i want a notification with my current Tempo Time from current kilometer   ( like Runtastic does ) 
    5. 5. i want Audio-Cues on my iPhone (Cable-)Headphones when using the Apple Watch app
    6. 6. customizable screen would be awesome
    7. 7. german translation of "not synced" is tooo long and is confusing, change it to english even on german app
    8. 8. i want SWIM Workout on my Watch



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