Suffer Score/Training Load in Training Log and Goals

Hi Strava Team,

My idea isn't a new one, rather a collection of other people's great ideas to add what I believe to be an extremely valuable feature for anyone looking to easily measure and track their overall fitness.

Time is a precious commodity that there never seems to be enough of, so when I'm on the bike I try and maximise my time by focusing on overall intensity (no one has time to warm-up) rather distance or time. While average power is usually a good indicator of how hard a session was (relative to FTP), I have started using a combination of the suffer score, training load and intensity values to measure my progress.    

The challenge with using suffer score for example, is that you need to go into each individual ride to track your progress/result, which might be OK for an individual week but certainly not on an ongoing basis (monthly/yearly). In addition to tracking the suffer score, there is no way to set a goal based on a achieving an accumulative suffer score over a set period (weekly for example).

As your fitness increases and you want to get the most out of each workout, distance, time and elevation become less meaningful measurements. I know this is not a new request (see below) but i'm really hoping that you consider adding this feature in future releases.







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