Popular by Time and Day of week, ( for finding safe commuting routes )

I am trying to plot a ride to commute to my new job and it crosses a lot of urban areas that I am sure are more popular for cyclists on the weekends when there is not rush hour traffic.  It would be great if I could have a route builder option to filter by popular but add in the Day of the week and the time window.  So I could say,  give me a route from A to B  that is most popular on Monday between 7am and 9am.    It could even be a weekday / weekend filter instead of day of week.   Additionally your data collection should filter out weekday holidays for the local Geo.  




  • This feature would also be great to do the opposite. The route planner will often send you down popular commute routes, which is a pain if you are planning a clubrun or similar and are looking for something more fun.

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