PR achievements on first attempt

Hello all, 

We're releasing a slight change to our PR (personal record) achievements. Now, when you first attempt a new segment you will receive a PR. Before, this would only occur on the second attempt if you beat your PR.  

Let us know if you have feedback for us.



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  • Personally I hate the reversion; for my purposes it was a handy way to identify (and have a look at) those segments I'd never ridden before. I find the # of medals fairly uninteresting (and technically it is correct that first will always be a PR), but obviously others think differently. How about some sort of 'first time' flag / medal instead, then?

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  • Dissapointing that you have changed this Strava

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  • In my opinion very short sighted by Strava, so based on 230 people you make a change. How many premium customs do you have? Might want to start with asking for feedback in a more formal way. It hurts not a single person if a PR is provided on a first ride, might even engage folks to go back for a second, third etc. effort.


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  • by definition if it's your first time on a segment then it is your PR... kinda nice to get the visual feedback when you do explore somewhere new, even if it's possibly a bit ridiculous having "85 PRs on your ride way to go!" :)

    I'm sure we can live with that kind of feedback ;)

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  • no objection from my side.

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  • I like this change.

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