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Hi Support,

Our club has been posting messages in the discussion area of Strava and members have not been getting email notifications. Myself and a couple other members have checked their email preferences and all communications options relating to discussions are on. Can you help ensure we can communicate to embers who have selected to receive club discussions via email?


Eric and Team Diablo



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    Unfortunately, we no longer send out notifications for clubs larger than 200 members due to some problems we were having with duplicate notifications with some large clubs. We are working on possible solutions and may bring back this functionality at some point in the future. I apologize for the confusion and trouble.

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  • Thanks Eric, I'll follow up in a support ticket to get additional information.

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  • Elle

    This is affecting my local club We used to handle it by booting non-locals out of the club to stay below the 200 limit but we now have too many locals for that to work.

    If you can’t make it work for 200+ member, how about allowing the admins to nominate up to 200 members who will get notifications. (Although our club has 250 members, there are probably only 50 that ride with us regularly).

    The newer feature that includes club posts in the activity feed is good but they disappear down the list pretty quickly. One from my club posted at lunchtime today is already 11ish screen drops down my feed 3 hours later. The post for or Saturday ride usually goes out on Thursday evening and quickly gets swamped by scores of uninteresting commutes that I’d prefer never to see at all).


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  • Simply allowing event discussions through the app would greatly improve the user experience, at least in our group.  Members are constantly complaining because they can't see updates an organizer adds through desktop in the discussion section.  You don't get notifications at all on the app.  Strava is a social app isn't it? It's the simple things it seems the devs just won't budge on.

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