Ability to select Photos from cloud sources (Google Photos, OneDrive, etc.)

Edit ActivityAdd a photo... will only allow me to select from the stock gallery, not any cloud sources. Other Android apps let you select from both.




  • I second this, I use Google Photos as well.

  • I'll third it. I use the strava app via Bluestacks for uploading photos (I'm a WP user), and all my photos are on onedrive. Getting them directly from onedrive would simplify the process immensely.

  • I need this ability too.

  • My photos are stored in a specific folder on my android device which I am unable to select in Strava. The default gallery that Strava uses is useless. I can't find my photos in the gallery or distinguish between two similar photos. Strava is the only app that I use that constrains me to the default gallery. Please open the file system so I can choose the photos that I want.

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  • It looks like the app was updated to further constrain photo selection. Nice. Now I can only select photos from one local folder.

    On the other hand, I realize Strava is an app that has grown tremendously in the last 6 years. 

  • I stopped paying for premium membership. Seems like the customer is wrong in this case.

  • This is honestly ridiculous. I can see the photos on my phone. But in the Strava app they are invisible, cannot be uploaded. It's either incompetent coding or deliberate policy to disallow uploading pics from Google Photos. 

  • Whenever I ran within a group, anyone takes a group photo. With the android app I can't upload it, because I can't access to Cloud Storage (Google Photos) or any other way. The only fix (at the moment) is to use the Desktop-view of strava. Since a couple of weeks we can upload photos there. But please, STRAVA, give us access to all sources, like any other stupid app.

  • I figured out a work around! So this is what worked for me: To attach Google photos in Strava, I went to Google photos, found the photo i wanted to attach to the strava ride, opened it, downloaded it to my device, then went into strava and magically it appeared, (in the stock Android "gallery".

     But its stupid to need to go through all of that. Why can't Strava see Google photos? Its almost 2020 and every other app on the market can see the Google photos, why can't strava?