Show me all my achievements on Strava

Show a list of all the achievements I've earned on Strava, from KOMs to top 10s, to PRs.

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  • I'm looking for the feature that Endomondo has, where Personal Bests for each run and all-time Personal Bests on the summary page, I hope STRAVA adds this feature soon! It's in the following format for each run and summary bests on the summary page:
    Cooper (12 min) 1.6 mi
    One hour 5.85 mi
    1 km 2m:20s
    1 mile 6m:03s
    3 km 14m:36s
    3 miles 27m:25s
    5 km 29m:05s
    10 km 1h:03m:33s
    Half marathon 2h:25m:46s
  • Would love to get a feature similar to these for example to easily see my 10 best 10 K times (5K, half marathon, etc.). It just took me 15 minutes and had to use BOTH the web and the iPhone app to try and figure out which runs were my top five times for a particular distance.

  • My Premium expired. However, if this feature was added I would go back to Premium membership. It would be nice to keep track of what trails/roads I am losing position on and what areas I might want to start riding more. It is easy to forget segments over time and this would allow riders to see a big list of KOM/PR/ Top 10 positions on these segments. Long story short. I agree with everyone else on this topic!!!

  • Chris as mentioned above use VeloViewer. You can see all your segments ridden, which ones you are dropping down on the leaderboard, any new ones created that you have ridden and a lot of other useful features/info. The last thing I want to see is the Strava servers slow down to view pages if it requires a massive amount of processing to view athletes current placings on all their segments ridden 

  • Definitely add me to the group calling for a Challenge Badge Trophy List of some kind.  I have been searching all over Strava for it thinking I must simply be missing it somewhere.  Granted, I only have 2 badges, but I purposefully went after them since they were at the level I felt like I could reach.  Seeing as I have nowhere to go to see or share them, it is as if I never achieved them.

    With that said, I love Strava and look forward to all future improvements!

  • Our achievements can be readily calculated from secondary data stores using an asynchronous batch process on elastic compute nodes then updated once a week or on whatever frequency they want. This can be done without impacting the interactive user experience. The question is whether Strava wants pay to make the computations, not whether it is possible or not. Seems like people would pay for it. 

  • I would definitely go Premium too for the option to see my "Trophy Room/Cabinet/Shelf" or whatever it would be called, for a tab that contained KOMs + trophies + badges + career records. Looks like they would easily get +600 people to sign up premium just for this type update by the looks of others comments... Anyone in the Strava staff paying attention??? 

  • Any progress on this? It would be great to be able to track all my best 5km, 10km estimated best efforts in one place. I recently set a new 10km PR and had no idea what my previous one was, so I had to get back through all my previous runs to find it. This feature would be great!

  • I would like what John Efthimiou said. 

  • Two years since first asked and nothing. You have to be kidding me, glad I use other programs for this.
  • What other applications/options are there to do this?

  • Mr Flipper, Try 

  • Exactly Mark.

  • I would be encouraged to go premium if this feature became available. After all, a lot of us stravarians are here due to the competitive nature of segments!

  • Achievements are broken. Basically if someone says any segment is unsafe. Achievements, both personal best and all others are now no longer available. This now makes Strava rather useless to track any goals on popular routes where it seems that one person can stop achievements from being recorded.

  • Yes, please add some sort of digital trophy case to show all my completed challenges and badges.  I don't care about KOM/CRs or other things.

  • I'd love to see a trophy case/count of challenges completed (not taken part of...) and also # of KOMs, CRs.  Those are what drive, or 'Strive' if you will.., for me to use Strava.  Let's get on it already!

  • To update: A trophy case for Challenge badges is coming very soon...Thanks for your patience! 

    It is still to be determined whether this trophy case will some day also hold segment achievements of note, like KOMs/QOMs and CRs. 

    Keep the feedback coming! 

  • WOW! I was floored just now to log on and see the Trophy Case on my profile. That is SICK! Thank you very much! Too awesome....

  • I noticed this today also...very cool....Thanks Elle Anderson & the entire Strava team!  I love your product!

  • I can't believe this thread has been running for over 2 years before something arrives, lol. As it is it's nice but is really a prerequisite that's long overdue and something an experienced developer could probably knock up in an afternoon, lol.

    Something far more useful would be proper analysis of segment placings, position, rankings, threats etc. Heck Strava still can't even tell me how many KoMs or podiums I have, thankfully there's Veloviewer for that!!

  • This is a feature I've been banging on about for ages that I really want to see. I also think that I'd like to see top 10% achievements too, because I'm personally more proud of being 1000th ish out of 10000 on popular segments like around Richmond Park or up Box Hill than I am of any of the trophies I've ever earnt including KOM or CRs. I think these types of achievements are better and especially for guys and girls that are good but never going to be good enough to get anywhere near top 10 on these kinds of mechas.

  • Very glad to see the trophy case !!!  it it looks pretty clean. Moving forwards I hope it ultimately transitions into something where users can select a combination of a) achievements and b) segment rankings to be displayed. I recorded a top ten result on a tough segment the other day and since it was "hidden" (not ever by me) it is virtually invisible. I would love to be able to place the result in my trophy case. The monthly challenges run the risk of getting a little messy and it would be nice to be able to deselect them in favour of some of the more challenging segments. Anyway, thanks Strava for the trophy case. I am looking forward to see it evolve.

  • +1, good reason to go premium!! simple business-case, isn't it??

  • would be good to see achievement history so you can see how your progressing rather than your current position on the board.

  • Add me to the list of people who want a PR list (top 3 finishes for each category, or something akin to it).  Certainly fine with it being a premium feature.

  • hi, do us tight  people not get to see all our pr's, koms and challenges on one page?

  • A list of koms or top 10s for a rider would be great. Then we can see how wwe are doing
  • Would be a great feature and easy to do.  As it is, you have to search for a ride where you've done the segment & see if you still hold your place.  As additional features, how about an automated email if someone knocks you out of the top 10 and also age group KOM/top 10 awards?  

  • It would be great to, at least, be able to see any top tens I've got.  Also, to get a notification when someone bumps you from a top ten position.  The competitive side of me would thrive with these features.  Thanks.