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I am at a crossroads with equipment list management. I am about to dump tracking all my components as I have seen no improvements in a very very long time. I switch around wheels and tires all the time and that tough to track the way it's currently setup here on Strava. But now I have recently cracked my frame and is being replaced under warranty. I will be moving all my component to this new frame, so this is where it will be a complete failure for me. How do I track going forward? Components are tracked by Frame and not individually.


Support Summary:

1. Allow components to exist independently from bikes/frames

Instead of limiting only one active version of each component per bike, components would exist as a "pool" and could be removed from a bike without being retired, could be "shelved" for any amount of time without accumulating mileage, and could be easily switched between bikes. Like different tiers - at the top level there is a group of frames, and under that is a group of components, any amount or type of components you wish to track. Then there is freedom to match the components to the frames in any desired way. 

2. Ability to add historical usage to a frame or component

As the system currently stands, bikes and components added to Strava are treated as new, with zero use. Of course, we know this is only the case a fraction of the time. For a functional gear tracking system there needs to be a way to add an item to the system with historical mileage/usage. 

3. Track Gear in hours as well as miles

4. Ability to set notifications for when a component reaches a certain amount of use (miles or hours)

5. Add maintenance records, or simply a notes field to any Gear item to keep track of when equipment was last serviced

Are there any additions, or major feedback trends that I missed? -Elle



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    Sorry everyone! This is not something we're working on at the moment. I understand this post has been around for a while, with tons of great feedback. The problem is we have too many tough choices to make with what we work on at any given time. Prioritizing is difficult but we always appreciate all your feedback so please keep it coming. 

  • I can't help, but do echo your comments on component improvements - I'd like to track many more components, especially moving/wearing type parts - bar tape, shift, brake cables, hubs, brake hoods etc. Surely this is a small change to add to the available list?

    Swapping parts out for different rides etc would also be useful, but I guess we would then have to actually tell Strava  which parts we used on each particular ride - and I don't swap parts enough make we want to do that. 

  • Certainly being able to track inner tubes and freehubs would be a useful addition to me. Both things I've had to replace recently that aren't on the list. 

  • Also, if I use different wheels than usual for a race, I can't track that as the wheels/tyres are rigidly assigned to the bike and my training wheels will get the mileage of the race.

  • Hey Guys,

    One feature we are looking for in Equipment List is when you add a "New Component" and choose when it was "Added On" for it to calculate how many Km's/Miles it has already clocked up

    Cheers Rob.

  • I whole-heartedly agree with all of the comments above. 

    I am switching wheels all the time, but leave the tires and often the cassette on the wheels. Therefore it would be a good option to track a group of components (such as wheel + tire (possibly + cassette)) and then instead of retiring these components just 'keep them on a shelf' until they are re-used again.



  • +1 for this. I particularly like the "On the shelf" idea - presumably, then, a set of wheels or tyres can be tracked across different bikes.

    It's a fairly common thing to be switching out wheels/tyres for different rides, particularly in the off-season and using turbo trainers and the like.

    It should be a relatively simple upgrade that would make this section far more powerful indeed.

  • It would be fantastic if Strava would let you input when you installed a new chain, or gear cable (or other items that should be replaced or at least checked based on mileage). I own a shop (Chain Reaction Bicycles in Northern California) and it's a difficult and sometime useless exercise trying to find out how many miles a customer actually has on that chain or cassette that they don't think has that many miles on it so shouldn't be worn. It would make bike maintenance so much easier if you could look at Strava and note, oh, right, 2500 miles on that chain, probably dead. 7500 miles on the right shift cable, replace because it could go at any time. That sort of thing. Thanks!  --Mike Jacoubowsky, Partner, Chain Reaction Bicycles

  • +1 for being able to 'unretire' a component, so switching wheels/tires etc would accurately record use for each part.

  • I also use the component feature and am very pleased that it tracks the mileage as long as you enter the date it was installed. I though sometimes switch wheels on my bike and would like to retire the old wheels and then retrieve them. So my request is much like Sam's request. It would be helpful if the mileage on the old wheels was kept and then added to when the wheels are re-installed.


    If this is to complicated to do, how about giving us an option also to manually enter the mileage on any component?. I could then reenter the data when I reinstall the wheels.  This is not ideal for me, but at least a step in the right direction.


    Cheers, Dave

  • +1 for a wheel/component swap feature.

    I like to track how much I am using what gear.  And I like to change things up.

  • You can create a new bike for a new combination of components.

  • +1 - I'd like the ability to be able to track using multiple wheels (or some other component) on the same bike.

  • I would like the "on the shelf" option that Norbert Kappel mentions.  I have just discovered the "retired" button so I can at least get the tracking to show me how many miles were on a piece of equipment and the date I took it off.  But the reality is that thes parts (tires) are not retired but just taken off for the time being.  An "on the shelf" option would be perfect for when I want to throw these tires back on so I could pick up the mileage tracking where I left off. 

  • Totally agree with all the above comments.

    I, too, crashed a bike - but was able to re-use the rear wheel on the replacement - so yes, you need to be able to "move" a component to a different bike.

    Also it would be good to add a "pre-existing" distance.  That would also be good if you bought something second-hand.

    Again, retirement - you can un-retire a bike, but can't un-retire a component.  But yes - the best thing there would be an "on the shelf".

    It's odd - when I talk to my club-mates about the facility to track components, so many of them didn't realise Stava would do this, and how useful it is for tracking use of components that wear out.  At the same time, this facility could be made *really* useful, with just a few little tweaks.

    Strava seems to be rather quiet about this - what do you think we can do to prod them into action?

  • Any official response from Strava?

  • Yes Strava should add a feature to the Components page. We all really change wheelset, tires and etc... Please Strava I wish you updated the components pages.

  • ++++11111 I would love to see the ability to take components off and on a bike with out retiring the part  as someone else suggested putting it on the shelf or switching it to another bike. I routinely switch wheels or tires from bike to bike or change out depending what discipline I am riding. I love STRAVA for parts testing and this would make it much easier!!!!  

  • +1+1+1+1+1 :) Easiest update would be to make components "un retire able". For me, with one bike each, that would be enough. But total component tracking would be cool for some

  • I would also like to be able to track more components. I've just had to replace a frame on a bike, but every other component remains the same. 

  • +1, unretire components or shelf function would be a nice feature indeed! Hope this gets a follow up from the guys at Strava!

  • I would also like an unretire/shelf option.

    To be able to add custom components ....... as I would like to track my headset, bottom bracket and hub bearings, Stan's liquid etc..

    Also history of retired components instead of just showing just the last retired component....... I can wear out a chain on my mtb in 2-3 months and would like to compare different brands I have used and time of year used to see which gives me better mileage.

    +1 on being able to include mileage on newly added components.

    Components able to be linked if used on multiple bikes 

  • As a start what about tracking and reporting "ride" hours on a bike? It would be very helpful to see how many "ride" hours are on a bike for maintenance intervals. I work in the bicycle industry and spend lots of time talking to dealers and costumers about proper maintenance. Displaying the hours would help people know when to service parts like a suspension fork on a MTB. The idea of tracking a wheel set, tire or cassette....that is a lot of individual tracking. To start, ride hours would be helpful. Thank you.

  • @Eric Neely: VeloViewer ( can do that already, with filters on the summary tab.

  • Come on Strava, fix this!
    We really need to be able to put components on the shelf. I swap cassettes, wheels and so on. This should be a really easy fix.

    Does Strava even read this by the way?

  • It would be VERY usefull if Strava could count the km/miles per component

  • The "shelf" option would be a FANTASTIC feature, and quite relevant for serious athletes that swap componants around, such as wheels and cassettes. Likewise, for upgrading frames and carrying over existing components...

  • Strava just doesn't seem to listen to their customers. I had this enhancement request 3 years ago, prior to Strava using zendesk. When they switched to zendesk I re-submitted the request 2 years ago, and nothing. I don't understand the logic behind wasting thousands of man hours making their ride page less usable when they could be enhancing their product. Below was my request from 2011. 

    I have 2 bikes and 3 wheelsets. When I switch to my Reynolds carbon wheelset, I need to change the wheelset, brake pads, and cassette in the component section of my bike. Currently, there is no way to address this use case in Strava. I have a few suggestions:

    Components should be treated as objects that can be assigned to different bikes.
    The actions that should be available for each component are: "Assign to bike" "Remove from Bike" "Retire"
    This should address every conceivable use case that a person with multiple bikes have, and its not much of a development effort.

    For version "2.0" I would suggest the ability to group components together and assign a component group to a bike. So my Reynolds wheels, Reynolds brake pads, and SRAM red cassette can be a part of a component group called "Alex's Fast Wheels" that can be assigned to different bikes.

  • I use Strava for multi purpose activities such as running, biking and hiking. I really enjoy the feature that logs the mileage on my shoes. The challenge is I cannot do this if I select my activity as a hike. I use my trail runners on my hikes mostly and I also have hiking shoes. I would prefer to log my hiking activities separately from my running activities so I can more accurately gauge my level for each activity I do. My suggestion is to add the same equipment/mileage logging feature to the hiking activity. 


  • I submitted this request initially to Strava and they gave me a link to add my comment to this page instead of as my own request, but now that I am reading through this I am not really sure why Strava had me add my comment to this section- its all about biking equipment. My comment was about tracking shoe mileage.