Improvements for Gear section of Strava (Cycling)

I am at a crossroads with equipment list management. I am about to dump tracking all my components as I have seen no improvements in a very very long time. I switch around wheels and tires all the time and that tough to track the way it's currently setup here on Strava. But now I have recently cracked my frame and is being replaced under warranty. I will be moving all my component to this new frame, so this is where it will be a complete failure for me. How do I track going forward? Components are tracked by Frame and not individually.


Support Summary:

1. Allow components to exist independently from bikes/frames

Instead of limiting only one active version of each component per bike, components would exist as a "pool" and could be removed from a bike without being retired, could be "shelved" for any amount of time without accumulating mileage, and could be easily switched between bikes. Like different tiers - at the top level there is a group of frames, and under that is a group of components, any amount or type of components you wish to track. Then there is freedom to match the components to the frames in any desired way. 

2. Ability to add historical usage to a frame or component

As the system currently stands, bikes and components added to Strava are treated as new, with zero use. Of course, we know this is only the case a fraction of the time. For a functional gear tracking system there needs to be a way to add an item to the system with historical mileage/usage. 

3. Track Gear in hours as well as miles

4. Ability to set notifications for when a component reaches a certain amount of use (miles or hours)

5. Add maintenance records, or simply a notes field to any Gear item to keep track of when equipment was last serviced

Are there any additions, or major feedback trends that I missed? -Elle



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  • I think you may be exaggerating a tad there, in this 'Suggest a new feature' forum - key is in the name! It's a suggestion, not a demand - and if 'patience has its limits' then vote with your wallet and take your custom to another (non-existent) service with comparable features. 

    Or alternatively, realise the scope of the forum in which you are posting and get some perspective. 

  • My point is this: why have a "Suggest a new feature" area on the (Strava-run) forum - if they are generally ignored?  This particular topic has been running for two years - and I would have hoped that it's long enough for Strava to simply respond in some way,

    The initial idea was to be able to move a component from one bike to another (thereby retaining the distance that has been ridden using that component).  Yes, there's been lots of other ideas thrown into the pot - and I agree that to implement every one would cost a fortune.

    Perhaps I'll start another thread on the subject of "Please Strava, agree to respond to suggestions for improvement within a couple of months of the original post, either with a timescale for implementation, or a rejection of the idea"

  • I totally agree that it's a completely reasonable request for a new feature, and indeed it has been 2 years or so, but take a look at the changelog of which other features have been developed in that time; it's not like Strava as a company are resting on their laurels! There have also been staff-member replies on this thread, though granted - not for a while. 

    I don't disagree that it would be nice (very much appreciated) to get some feedback from a Strava employee on any potential progress one way or the other on this topic. My only point is that we need to keep this forum in perspective - feature requests from users are generally pretty low-ranking in priority; you can think of them largely as 'inspiration' for new features rather than "I pay you x amount so add the feature or else" (to exaggerate some argument being made here, to make a point). 

  • I'll repeat my point: if Strava set up the "suggest a new feature", then what's the point if they (appear) to let something drag on for years, and not contribute?

    Yes, if you filter the forum  to see the things they've "Done", there's 21 suggestions that have been implemented.  There's 1 that's "Planned".  None of them have been marked as "not planned". Personally I feel that if a thread has been running for two years, then it's reasonable for someone at Strava to decide whether to flag it as "Planned" or "Not planned".

    It has nothing to do with paying for Strava or not (anyone deciding to pay for it does so to unlock existing Premium features, not to leverage requests for enhancements).

    I've known other software companies to run a poll once a year for users to vote on which new features to implement - seems a pity that Strava can't do this.  They could even ask people whether they'd pay for Premium membership if they implemented a certain feature.

    Strava (not us) are the ones that can estimate how much it would cost (in terms of development) to implement new features, and they're the ones who can estimate the return on investment.

    The problem with saying "there's only so many people who have contributed to this thread" or "only so many people who have thumbed-up" is that there's not an awful lot of people who actually use the forum.  The vast majority of the cyclists I know who use Strava are very much the "upload and forget" type.

    Just seems a shame that some of the longest-running suggestions on here get no updates from Strava - most of the "Done" ones were started this year.

  • I understand this might be a low priority for Strava however if another site such as Garmin Connect offered this feature, I could see myself and others slowly migrating in that direction. It may be difficult for Strava to track mileage on 'shelved items. But how hard would it be to allow the user to enter the miles when a shelved or  for that matter, any  item is put on a bike.  The number is already there on 'retired' items. Simply allowing us to enter it as a new item and manually add the mileage would accomplish 90+ % of what we are asking for. 

  • Talking about gear improvement, another thing would be the possibility to associate an image with your gear, whether you pick it up from Internet or upload yours. Having an image of your own bike would be cool!

  • Geoffrey, 

    Each of my bikes has an image that I uploaded for it.  It is one of the options when I'm in the "Edit Bike" page.

  • How about a Di2 Charge item to track the distance we get per charge? At the moment I just use a Crankset item and call it Di2 Re-charge and it works, but would be nicer with an item for it.

  • @Geoffrey I was thinking something similar, except posting a photo of my retired component.

  • True, I missed the feature: uploading a photo of your bike is already possible. However, it's not possible for running shoes so I still suggest to add this feature for running shoes.

  • Come on Strava, fix this!
    We really need to be able to put components on the shelf. I swap cassettes, wheels and so on. This should be a really easy fix.

  • Will be a great feature to be able to swap components (rather than just retiring them).

  • Still no news about this ?

    A on the shelf option would be really nice (i even will get premium for this if added) for wheels....

  • I'd really like to see this as well. Not being able to track tires is rather unfortunate. On my MTB I have summer, mud season and winter (studded) tires. On my road bike, I have summer/fall tires and a trainer tire. It would be great to be able to assign tires to a ride at the very least.

  • I share the frustration. However, here's a clumsy workaround:  

    I created two bikes on Strava  out of a single bike. The only difference between the two bikes are the wheels and the name I have given the bikes.

     The downside is that to track mileage on frame, chain, cranks, and other components that are common to the two 'bikes', I need to add up the mileage from each bike. Also when I replace an item, I need to replace it on both bikes.  But it does let me track the mileage on the wheels which I often switch back and forth. So when I am riding wheels A, I choose Bike_name_A. When using wheels B I chose Bike_name_B.  I hope this makes sense!

  • I recently bought a new frame and transferred my old components onto the new frame but had issues tracking the mileage for the new frame.

    Now I tried to deal with this in the 'My kit' section in 2 ways. Firstly I tried to create a new bike however, I could not set the date for the older components in the past and so no milage showed, so this was no good.

    I then I tried 're-naming' the old bike but this made it look like my new frame had done the mileage of the old bike. So I could track how many miles my new frame has done the only thing I could do was add the 'fork' at the date I started riding the new frame so I know the mileage shown on this component referrers to the whole frame. OK, but would be better if 'frame' was an option.

    I hope I've explained this OK

    +1 for being able to tracking swapping of wheels / components on and off the bike without having to create a second bike configuration.

  • Let me add my voice to this request. Being able to swap components in and out (vs. retire them) would be great. I'm especially cognizant of this right now as my road bike sits on the trainer with a different wheel, different tire and different cassette accumulating miles, while my regular wheel sits in the corner waiting for the weather to improve. Also, my front tire is not getting any miles right now. I'd love to see improvements to the Gear section to handle a scenario like this.

  • As requested by Strava Support I'm adding my request for time based tracking (user choice per component) with Alerts when kilometer/hours are met on components.


    having read through this thread, I'd also be very keen on being able to swap wheels and flag and activity as using component x & y.

    It would be ideal if a bike could be set as having default components which automatically are "used" and then a user could "substitute" individual components as "required"

  • Having the gear tracking system is good that it is there at all. But please can you have the option to be able to put kit back on the bike. 

    I'm sure I'm not unusual in having two wheelsets which I switch between - mainly one for summer and one for winter - next time I put my good wheels on again I'll have to put it in as a new wheelset, for the third time. If I want to find total milage I have to go back and add up the milages from each of them, crazy.



  • I would really like this too.

  • +1 - i didnt realize you couldnt add back components. Really need it as I now have more than single set of wheels/tires and would like to track. Just allow us to add multiple of the same component to a bike. Then we can choose which one is active. Thanks.

  • +1 count me in too for the ability to shelve components and treating frame as a component in order to keep track of mileage for different bike builds. THANKS
  • The gear feature is pretty terrible in implementation.


    I have a set of summer wheels. This year will be the third summer I'm using them. But how to find out how many miles I've done on them?

    Well I can look and see that last year I did 2,000 miles, but the entry for the previous year has now gone! So I have no idea!


    If you can't allow shelving of components at least allow us to see the full list of retired components as when you put the same component back onto the bike you have to register it as a new part.

  • Strava, I use Strava specifically because in my limited experience you track equipment/gear better than the other fitness software I am familiar with however, I hoped I could retire my rear wheel/tire/cassette/front wheel for the winter while I have my bike on a Kickr  hence still record using the chain, derailuers... and then add them back come srping. I guess I'm asking for  components to be brought out of retirement. All the other comments here seem to require more complex development but any action on Strava's part would be helpful.  

  • I love the gear use/wear feature in Strava.

    I'd like to see an option for a few frequent maintenance tasks even if just, "Clean Chain/Drivetrain".

    Other less frequent tasks would be helpful as well. Things like:
    * front/rear shock rebuild
    * front/rear wheel true

    Thanks for considering these additions.

    I love some of the major facelift suggestions as well but even getting the list expanded with the above would be helpful.

  • Adding historical mileage to a bike would be a great addition.
  • +1 for the ability to add historical mileage to bikes, components, and the ability to swap/share components between bikes.  I've come over to evaluate Strava based on some friends' recommendations, from, and although their implementation is not very slick, at least you can add components as gear, and track each component's use for each workout effectively.  Currently using both, but may leave Strava and return to only MapMyFitness soon.

  • I saw Johan's post about MapMyfitness and tired it out.  I might be missing something but I have no option to load bikes, only shoes and only certain shoes, not including the model I wear. I'll stick to Strava.   

  • Yes, sorry, obviously since I temporarily stopped cycling and swimming I didn't need to track bikes and components, but just started again, and back in MapMyFitness I discovered they've also changed it for the worse, I guess sometime after UnderArmour took it over.  It used to be that you could add multiple gear with every workout.  I still have my bikes, tires, wheels, and wetsuit available to select, but for each workout, now I can only select one, previously I could select multiple, like the bike, wheels, tires, chain.  And even worse, yes, it seems now you can only add new shoes, and if they don't have the shoe you want in their list, you're out of luck.  I guess Strava gets this point after all. 

  • How about a strategy and set of objectives for the Gear section.

    Someone on the product management team at Strava could simply articulate a philosophy and approach for the gear section. What are you trying to accomplish? What value are you trying to add? Who is the Gear section designed to benefit? The universe of gear options is complicated, but not that hard to sort out. 

    Strava is a SaaS solution with mobile apps. The company has a 'Labs' section but doesn't seem to use it much. I assume you are using Agile software development practices and could easily roll out Gear features to the web application before rolling them into the mobile apps.

    Many of the gear requests are simple text fields, so the additions are very easy. Keeping track of items that wear out or age (cleats, shoes, computer batteries, helmets), when maintenance is performed (tune-ups) or when components are swapped in an out are directly related to safety.

    Strava may have another strategy entirely for gear.... Is the company simply collecting Gear data to sell to equipment manufacturers with the intent of turning this into an Amazon for outdoor equipment or are you focused on value to the user?

    A little transparency and articulation of strategy would be very helpful. Otherwise this Forum is a waste of everyone's time.